June 2, 2014

We Want Arnold for the Next Predator Movie!

I’m pretty sure everyone is thinking it, but wouldn’t it be cool if Arnold Schwarzenegger returned for the next Predator movie?

It remains one of his very best movies and has stood the test of time very well; the effects, direction and action are all first rate which is why it’s near the top of every Arnold fan’s list.

With John McTiernan recently released from prison and Arnie revisiting franchises from his back catalogue like Terminator/Conan, it would be awesome if he returned to the world of Predator.



I really enjoyed Predators so how about in a follow up we have Royce (Adrien Brody), Dutch (Arnold) and Harrigan (Danny Glover) all end up on this Predator hunting planet, as they are the three champions who defeated the Predators previously?

All three could have clashing egos with a few other guys dumped there too… who will of course be expendable.

The warriors at first have to work together in order to survive against this alien threat, using their previous experience to their advantage.

However, for a finale they could be placed in an arena where they not only have to face Predators but only one human is allowed to leave alive… preferably Dutch.

The first Predator worked so well because McTiernan directed an ensemble movie to perfection; each of the characters had their moment to shine and it also managed to be incredibly tense with a slow burn atmosphere for the first half.

For this new movie, Arnold is still very much in great shape but in order to keep it relatively believable I’d like to see Dutch’s age as the main thing that holds him back.

It would maybe work better if he was more of a mentor character, where he tries to help the younger guys survive.

I dunno, these are just ideas I thought up off the top of my head while typing; seeing this profile picture the other day got us all pining for a return of Dutch so why don’t some screenwriters stop pushing too many pencils and get their asses to writing Predator 4!



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