July 4, 2014

Check Out Robert Rodriguez’s Original ‘Predators’ Script

Before you ask, yes Dutch is indeed in the story; personally I would use this as a template for the next one as this is even set several years after the first Predator, with Dutch (Schwarzenegger) being described as “Older, Weathered but mean as Hell”.

Arnie can pull that off in his sleep and the recent picture of him in the red golf shirt showed that he is still in awesome shape.


Even if Dutch isn’t the lead I would at least give him a cameo role kinda like Laurence Fishburne in Predators. As you all know Shane Black is writing and directing and considering his involvement with the original movie then he could just be the perfect choice. Rodriguez recently talked with Collider about the new film and said “if Shane’s involved it’s gonna be awesome.”

Like the rest of us he is thinking “as long as they make another one, I just wanna see it.”

Rodriguez also talked about working on Predators: “It was really fun,” he said. “It was a really intense time working on a couple of projects and it was really exciting. I love the whole, working in that world and getting to throw our hat in the ring for one of the movies.”

Let’s hope we get a bloody as hell, gore filed classic like the first movie.

Anyway enough rambling from me; click here to check out the original Predators script for all your Dutch flavoured needs.

Source: Collider

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