July 1, 2014

Danny Glover Signs on for Gridlocked

He’ll never be too old for this shit as Roger Murtaugh himself has signed on to star as a (hopefully shouty) police chief in the action thriller by director Allan Ungar (Tapped Out).

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop: “The Canadian action thriller Gridlocked has added Danny Glover to its cast. Glover will play police chief Sully in the indie film where Prison Break’s Dominic Purcell plays a former SWAT leader who is being shadowed by an The arrogant movie star, played by Cody Hackman.

Allan Ungar is directing Gridlocked, with Hackman’s Hackybox Pictures producing. Vinnie Jones and Stephen Lang have also joined Gridlocked, which begins shooting on July 7 in Toronto and London, Ontario. Hackybox is financing and producing the feature, which is based on a script by Ungar and Rob Robol. Bruno Marino, Geoff Hart and Jenna Mattison are producing.”

Bring it!


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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