July 23, 2014

First Look at Checkmate Starring Danny Glover & Vinnie Jones

Status Media & Entertainment and Puppy Entertainment have released the first production stills and the concept art for the high concept thriller and first feature to be shot on the Blackmagic 4K Production camera Checkmate.

The exciting new film, written by Henry Mitchell, Calvin Cox and Jennifer Lynch, ​and produced by Craigar Grosvenor ​chronicles how the actions of individuals affect us all, as six people are thrown together during an elaborate bank heist where any move can alter the outcome.

Director Timothy Woodward Jr. led a stellar ensemble cast, including Danny Glover, Sean Astin, Vinnie Jones, Mischa Barton, Michael Pare, Johnny Messner, Katrina Law, Willa Ford, Antwon Tanner and David Chisum, as they constructed six different story lines, each depicting the heist from a different point of view.

As the entire film was shot over three weeks, with almost half of the footage made up of action sequences and almost 50 speaking roles, Woodward chose the Blackmagic Production Camera 4Ks for the affordable access to 4K and to save time on technical setups, allowing him to focus on creativity and performance.

Checkmate is currently in post production and is slated for release in 2015.







Checkmate Art

Photos used courtesy of Status Media & Entertainment

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