July 16, 2014

JCVD: A Strong and Sexy Weapon

Back in the 80’s when my girlfriends and I spotted a good-looking guy we would quip “Jean-Claude Van Damme he’s fine”.

We were the blessed generation:  we were the first to be introduced to the “Muscles from Brussels”.

We were the ones to see his first “epic split” in Bloodsport.  He is without a doubt, one of the hottest action stars to ever grace the screen.

So what makes JCVD the cause of many female heart palpitations?  I offer these observations:



  • His legs.  I have never seen any actor more talented with his legs. His high kicks are incredible.  His splits defy logic.  His roundhouse kicks are pure grace. There is no doubt his legs are weapons: sexy, strong weapons. legs1
  • The French accent.  It’s well known that JCVD has an issue with hiding his French accent.  Guess what? We don’t care.  They say French is the language of love anyway.  Well played JCVD, well played.jean-claude-van-damme-5
  • His charm.  With a just a sly smile, JCVD says without words “You know you want me”.jean-claude van-damme
  • His confidence.  It doesn’t matter what role he undertakes, JCVD owns it.  Whether he is a kick boxer or a cyborg, he plays each role as if it was the only role he was ever meant to play. jean_claude_van_damme_diaper

Ladies, if you have never had the pleasure of seeing a JCVD movie you are denying yourself.  I recommend starting with Timecop then working your way through his movie library.  Trust me, you won’t regret it, you may even thank me.

About the Author

I'm just a girl who would rather watch stuff get blown up, shot up, or jacked up than sit in a theatre and cry. Action movies are my passion and I want to see this genre thrive again.



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