July 17, 2014

Poll: Who is JCVD’s Best Villain?

We all love when Jean-Claude Van Damme plays an unstoppable hero but over the past few years his characters have all been much darker and sometimes it’s difficult to separate the good guys from the bad.

In Until Death for example, his character Anthony Stowe is pretty despicable but he isn’t a villain. The same can be said for Assassination Games; he’s a hitman for hire who kills people for money and yet he isn’t a bad guy.

So I thought I’d put a poll together regarding JCVD’s biggest bad guys for you kids to vote on.

Let’s do this!



Jean Claude Van Damme’s most recent villainous turn just might be his most entertaining as he plays Xander, an insane drug dealer desperately trying to find a crashed plane filled with his bounty. JCVD channels the Joker in this madcap role making it one of his very best yet.



The role that really put him back on the map had JCVD facing off against Sylvester Stallone with Van Damme stealing the movie. He plays the subtly named Jean Vilain and his climactic battle with Sly in the movie is too short, but still awesome.



The Muscles from Brussels squares off against Sho Kosugi in this rather underrated actioner from the 80’s. In it he plays KGB agent Andrei who isn’t quite as one-note as you first expect.  He tries to escape at the end with a girl he has fallen in love with but ends up being chopped up by the rotor of a boat… don’t you hate it when that happens?

Retroceder nunca Rendicrse jamás


Arguably the most unintentionally funny villain yet, Ivan Kraschinsky “the Russian” seems to have a Belgian accent but it doesn’t prevent JCVD from being totally bad ass. Watch as he jumps up and does the splits landing on the ropes of the ring. There are some hilarious facial expressions too so it’s definitely worth watching.



Edward Garrotte is probably the scariest of any Jean-Claude Van Damme villains as he is a ruthless serial killer with mommy issues. JCVD teams up with director Ringo Lam in a story where scientists create a genetic clone of him in order to help catch Garrotte, teaming up with two cops; one of them being played by the awesome Michael Rooker. Van Damme gets to plays two roles again in this movie: one good and one very bad.

Universal Soldier 01


It’s funny how in the first three films Luc was a complete hero; a Vietnam Vet killed in action but brought back to life as a reanimated soldier. In this fourth official entry in the series he is barely in the movie, but what screen time he has involves him being pretty damn nasty. A lot of people disliked the direction this movie took and it’s understandable but I really enjoyed it; the climactic fight scene between Scott Adkins and Jean-Claude Van Damme was pretty awesome too.


So take our poll below and let us know which JCVD villain is so good at being bad.

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