July 2, 2014

Predator: Dark Ages Needs Your Support

Remember a few weeks ago when we posted a rather cool teaser trailer to fan film Predator: Dark Ages?

What do you mean, no? Well, we did.

Anyway, the project now has a Kickstarter campaign and needs your support to be made into a full feature.

The basic plot is about Templar Knights who are put to the ultimate challenge, to hunt The Predator. Testing not only their skills as fighters but also their faith.


Our Predator fan film is set in the Dark Ages, it is a period in history where mankind was plagued by disease and famine, as well as having to live and die by the sword.

Our film follows a group of war-torn Templar knights who have returned from the Eastern lands, back to England, only to find that the enemy is now a lot closer and a lot more deadly than before.

Throughout time the Predator has always looked for the greatest warriors to fight in battle, and with this short film we will see him put to the test against the some of the best history has ever seen, the Templar Knights.

Their battle with the Predator is the thing Myths and Legends are made of.

Our story begins in a dark prison cell, with a mysterious man chained to the wall, tired and hungry, he is the only living survivor from an attack on a group of soldiers. The only living witness to the atrocities a demon of the night performed in front of his very eyes.

Entrusted by the church to hunt down the beast that slaughtered their brothers in arms, a group of battle worn Templar Knight’s must use this only witness to find and kill the demon that plagues the English countryside.

To lead this group is a knight who no longer believes in God or country, and has given up on humanity. But will this one last battle help him regain his lust for life and save his fellow brothers, as well as himself?

The soldiers are only too aware of the devastation that was brought to their lost comrades, and so must turn to others to assist in their quest. So a group of battle hardened, money driven mercenaries are called upon to join the hunt.

Having to not only drag with them a suspicious sole survivor who is an eye witness, but also a pack of un-trust worthy mercenaries, a difficult path full of twists and turns lies ahead for the Templar knight’s, more so than they first believed…..



TARGET GOAL – £15-20,000

At this price bracket, we will be able to produce the full script in all its glory, at a length of 20-25 minutes.

We will be able to use a high-end cinema camera such as the Red Epic (used on the Hobbit), and the very best lenses to accompany it. As well as a full SFX crew, post production VFX, stunt work, horses, a remote camera helicopter and much more.

 MID RANGE GOAL – £10,000

At this price range we are looking at producing a short film of around 8-10 minutes. This would be a cut down version from the full script, with having to lose some fight sequences, even some scenes, as well as a lower end production kit and a smaller crew. Therefore not quite being able to reach the scripts full potential.

BASIC GOAL – £5000

We have set this price as our kickstarter minimum, so we will be able to at least produce a high concept trailer, giving you a glimpse of what could be a brilliant Dark Ages set Predator film.

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter Page here:








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