August 29, 2014

Kill Count: Cobra (1986)

I’ve said a million times before that Cobra is the one Stallone movie I always wanted to see a sequel to; Marion Cobretti was a great character and arguably has Sly at his bad ass best. It also has a sense of humour with some choice one-liners from Cobra.

The film also has action legend Brian Thompson as the Night Slasher, a terrifying cult leader and serial killer. It’s almost more of a horror movie than an actioner but that’s what really makes it stand out as something different.

PLOT: A tough-on-crime street cop must protect the only surviving witness to a strange murderous cult with far reaching plans.


Anyway, shut up, Eoin and tell us how many people are killed in this movie!


Stallone’s Kill Count: 39

Well 39’s not bad I guess but Cobretti is a choir boy compared to Rambo it would seem.

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Eoin Friel
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