September 27, 2014

Albert Pyun to Remake Lionheart with JCVD?


Lionheart AKA Wrong Bet AKA AWOL AKA Full Contact AKA End of the Line, etc just might be up for a reboot. The interesting thing is that Jean-Claude Van Damme just might be involved too.

It’s one of my favourite JCVD movies so I’m not sure how I feel about this news but if it was a sequel with Van Damme returning to the role, then that would be especially exciting.

It would be interesting to see what Lyon Gaultier did after the events of the first movie; let’s say he had to be drawn back into the world of fighting as he investigates the drug overdose of his brother’s daughter. I dunno, I’ve been drinking and just made that up.


Anyway, check out what director Albert Pyun said on his Facebook page about it.

As you all know Albert Pyun worked with Jean-Claude Van Damme on the post apocalyptic actioner Cyborg many years ago so it would be cool to see them team up again.

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