September 18, 2014

Follow Your Favourite Action Stars

To remain relevant in today’s industry you have to stay up to date with modern technology and there are more action stars that run their own Facebook pages than you may think.

If I see that an actor runs their own page and actually interacts with fans, it makes me feel more positively disposed towards them.

It shows that they actually care about the people who put them in the position they are in now and that they thoroughly deserve their success.





Tony Jaa is one of my personal favourites as he responds to nearly every comment or criticism on his page and he posts regularly every day. Work-out tips, clips and updates on his new movies keep us all up to date with what he is working on and his posts about the upcoming Skin Trade have really helped build up excitement for the film. Having spoken to him on Skype a few months I can tell you that he is in fact one of the most genuinely decent people I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to. He uses Twitter regularly and has been a great supporter of The Action Elite.

Tony Jaa Facebook:



Michael Jai White is another action hero who uses social media with a Twitter and Facebook page that he updates regularly. His promotion for Falcon Rising has helped to spread the word about the film and we hope that it’s a success and we can get to see further adventures of John “Falcon” Chapman.

Michael Jai White Facebook:



I’m pretty sure Jean-Claude Van Damme has people that help maintain his Facebook page but there’s a reason he’s the greatest action star of all time (in my opinion). He responds to fans and has been one of the biggest supporters of The Action Elite since we first started. He regularly shares our articles, gives us shout outs and is an all-round class act. I’ve seen him respond to many fan requests so even if it is helpers, it’s still great that his fanpage is so active.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Facebook:



Dolph Lundgren was the first action star to share a review from this site so he will always be one of the all-time greats; sadly his page has turned off the messaging service and it’s less interactive than it used to be but he still posts regularly and even responds to fan questions.

Dolph Lundgren Facebook:


Metal Hurlant Scott Adkins67

Scott Adkins said he does have a few elves that help run his page but he does a lot of it himself. He has responded to fans who tediously talk about Boyka ad nauseam, but he is always patient and polite. He’s also a big supporter of this site… in fact; he just might be THE biggest supporter. Regular updates on his current projects keep fans entertained but he also supports other people’s movies, which shows a real lack of ego and he’s just an all-round nice chap.

Scott Adkins Facebook:



Michael Dudikoff doesn’t update his page that regularly but he comes across nicely on his Facebook page with some great pictures of his movies like American Ninja and he’s done some great work for charity too. Hopefully there will be word soon of a new movie project, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know…

Michael Dudikoff Facebook:



I’ve always been a huge fan of Jeff Wincott and my interview with him from a few months ago remains one of my personal favourites. He keeps us all regularly updated on his upcoming movies or TV shows on Facebook and Twitter. He interacts with fans and answers questions too.

Jeff Wincott Facebook:



Don “The Dragon” Wilson is one of the coolest action stars as he responds to messages, shares posts and chats with fans when they ask him questions.  He will also be at the Urban Action Showcase with us in November alongside the lovely Cynthia Rothrock.

Don Wilson Facebook:


Speaking of Cynthia Rothrock; she updates her page daily and once again regularly interacts with fans and informs us of her rather fascinating adventures around the world. After leaving the action movie biz for a few years, she came back and is better than ever.

Cynthia Rothrock Facebook:



Luke Goss has been a big supporter of The Action Elite and I think I’m due to have another chat with him soon; he has a Facebook and a Twitter page which are regularly updated.

Luke Goss Facebook:




Dwayne Johnson has a HUGE Facebook account and shares posts pretty much every day, sadly he never responds to fans or us and remains an “untouchable” action hero. Pretty sure he has elves that run his pages too as he is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood.

Dwayne Johnson Facebook:



Vin Diesel is one of my favourites as he very much wears his heart on his sleeve; after the death of Paul Walker he was very open about his grief and posts regular tributes to his fallen friend. He doesn’t really respond to fans either though, which is a shame but when you have one of the most popular Facebook accounts in the entire world, then it’s gotta be tough. Good on him though for using Facebook to keep us all up to date.

Vin Diesel:

Now on to my number one dude: Stephen Amell AKA “The Arrow”; not only does he run his own page, he shares fan art, answers questions and posts contests for fans. He is a master of social media and uses it in the best ways. He also has a hilarious Instagram account where he posts the most random pictures. After meeting him a few weeks ago, I can tell you he’s another guy who comes across extremely well with no ego but most importantly handles everything with a sense of humour.


Stephen Amell Facebook:




Action Stars Who Need to Try Harder

Sylvester Stallone has a Twitter account which he only uses when there is a new film out to promote but he doesn’t actually run a Facebook page and rarely has any interaction with fans. He’s pretty much impossible to get an interview with and is still pretty much stuck in the 80’s. During the world premiere of The Expendables 3, he didn’t talk to any online press and tends to only go on talk shows. This hasn’t helped the box office for his movies in any way so come on Sly, we love you but you gotta talk to us some more!

Jason Statham is even worse and doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account. It kinda baffles me that Statham will go on shows like The View (who is not his target audience) and be asked questions like “is this different from your usual Boom! Pow! movies?” which was literally something he was asked about Homefront… and yet we don’t get an interview? Sigh.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has regular updates on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts but I’m not convinced he runs them,; he doesn’t respond to messages or really interact with fans that I can see. The fact there are regular updates is good though and he does a lot of charity work so he’s alright in my book. I also met him a few years ago and while waiting to meet him he bought us all hot chocolate and donuts.

So we have plenty of modern action stars who know how to promote their movies and some old-schoolers who need to step into the 21st century and be more approachable.

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