September 15, 2014

Is Matt Damon Bourne Again?

Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass just may have another Bourne movie up their sleeve.

Despite months of denials, and months of rumors, sources say Damon and Greengrass are indeed talking to Universal about bringing the amnesiac assassin back to the big screen.

And here’s the kicker: Greengrass would not only direct, but also write the script. (The Bourne trilogy was written by Tony Gilroy, among a handful of others scribes, and this would be the first time Greengrass, who wrote United 93 and directed the second and third Bourne installments, will have a hand in penning the adventures.)

If a deal is made — and talks are only in the early stages — it sets the stage for a return of the 21st century’s first screen hero who threatened to upstage Bond. With their kinetic and visceral style, the movies made Damon into an A-lister who was able to command tens of millions for the sequels as the franchise raked in almost a billion dollars worldwide.

Universal moved on without Damon and Greengrass when it made Bourne Legacy, the 2012 spinoff starring Jeremy Renner as spy Aaron Cross and giving Gilroy his shot at directing an installment of a franchise he was so instrumental in shaping.

Universal had set a sequel to Legacy, which was to have been directed by Fast & Furious helmer Justin Lin, for July 16, 2016, but there is now talk that the sequel could move to make room for the reunion movie.

Source: THR

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