September 2, 2014

Micah Brock Interview

The Iron Sensei AKA Don Burnell sits down with Actor, Fighter, Instructor, Fight Choreographer and Filmmaker Micah Brock where they chat about The Slug Street Scrappers Series.

About Micah Brock 
– Began Martial Arts Training in 2001 at age 15
– Kukkiwon/W.T.F. Taekwondo 1st Dan Black Belt
– Amateur Taekwondo Champion
– Professional Level Fighter
– Stuntman (Fight Stunts)
– Filmmaker
– Award-Winning Fight Choreographer & Action Performer



The Iron Sensei: I would like to take this time to introduce the creative genius behind The Slug Street Scrappers Series on YouTube… Micah Brock. So Micah, Tell me a little bit about yourself? Where are you from originally?

Micah Brock: I was a Navy brat, so I am from all over the US. Never really stayed in one place for more than a couple of years, with the exceptions of Cali and Texas.


The Iron Sensei: How and or why did you get involved in the martial arts? 

Micah Brock: I was first interested in martial arts after seeing the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, “Blood sport” as a kid. You know, the highly edited version they used to play on the cable channel, “TNT”. But, I didn’t start to actually pursue martial arts until after seeing Jackie Chan’s “Rumble in the Bronx” & “Mr. Nice Guy”. And by age 15 I had begun my martial arts training.


TIS: How did you get involved in film making? 

Micah Brock: I got involved in filmmaking back in 2001, when I picked up a video camera, grabbed a buddy, and decided to make a fight scene. We shot it in about an hour, then spent the evening “editing” it (if you can call it that) on a VCR . 13 years later, here I am. Not much has changed. Just have better equipment, improved martial arts skill, and more friends!


TIS: How did the concept for Slug Street come about?

When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of the “Streets of Rage” video game series for the Sega Genesis. Right before I left for my first professional fight in Thailand (back in 2011), a friend had suggested that I try playing the fan made “Streets of Rage Remake” during my downtime after my training. Needless to say, it re-kindled my love for Streets of Rage, which inspired me to create the first episode of Slug Street Scrappers a few months after I returned home from Thailand.


TIS: Tell me a little bit about your co stars? Do they train with you at your Gym?

Micah Brock: My co-stars are people that I had either met on previous stunt/filming gigs, or people that I sought out and hired specifically for the Slug Street Scrappers series.


TIS: Tell me about your MMA Gym and the Kwonkicker tutorial on Youtube?

Micah Brock: “Kwonkicker” ( ) is a Youtube channel I started back in 2007. I started by posting samplers of me training in the martial arts. Around 2009, as more and more viewers started to ask me to make tutorials on the techniques I performed in my samplers, I slowly switched that channel’s focus onto martial arts tutorials. From there, I decided I would begin posting all of my action film content on my 2nd channel, “Whirlwind Action” ( ), and keep “Kwonkicker” mainly focused on martial arts training & tutorials.

The MMA gym I am currently teaching at is called “Fjellman Fight Club”. It’s located in Port Townsend, WA. I am the head striking coach, and I teach “Taekwondo Kickboxing” classes there every Mon, Wed, Friday from 6pm-8pm.


TIS: When is the next installment of the Sluggers series due out? And will Brusier and his brother come together through some mystically cosmic circumstance?

Micah Brock: The Slug Street Scrappers movie series is complete, for the most part. However, we will be continuing the series in book format. The books will cover events prior to the film series, elaborate on the events that take place during the film series, and will ultimately continue the Slug Street Scrappers story where the films leave off. The books will be available in paperback and ebook format. More info can be found at


TIS: Do you have or are you looking for scripts that you are considering making into your next movie?

Micah Brock: I have a few ideas in mind, but they are currently on the back burner. Right now, I am focused mainly on writing the Slug Street Scrappers book series and producing new content for my Kwonkicker Youtube channel.


This was my brief interview with Micah Brock AKA The Kwonkicker. I stumbled upon the Slug Street Scrappers series while surfing YouTube; I found it very entertaining… the choreography was great and it was hilarious. I was even told by an upcoming critic that this series reminded him a lot of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World….and I stated “no SSS (Slug Street Scrappers) was a good flick…” as you can tell, I was not a fan of Scott Pilgrim.

So if you’re looking for a Martial Arts Flick that has action and comedy, make sure you go to Whirlwind Action” ( ), check out the Scrappers and let me know what you think. 

Until Next Time! 

Don “The Iron Sensei” Burnell

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Don Burnell



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