September 24, 2014

Stallone Says Expendables 4 Would be “Hard R”

In a not very interesting piece of news; according to Expendables Premiere, when asked about the possibility of a 4th Expendables movie Sylvester Stallone said: “If I do another one it’s going to be a lot bloodier…hardcore R.”

I’m pretty sure he said that about Part 3 with references to The Raid but after the disappointing Box office for Expendables 3, I still think a Part 4 may be unlikely.

Thankfully International audiences have propped the movie up and it’s likely going to make over $200 million worldwide which isn’t too bad at all. So there may still be hope for the definitive movie of the franchise. I still enjoyed Ex 3, despite its flaws and look forward to the Unrated Blu Ray.

Below is a video of Stallone at the recent Image Sports event.

Source: Expendables Premiere

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