September 1, 2014

Trailer for Short Film ‘Templar’


This short film starring Michael Quach has some pretty impressive martial arts and I look forward to seeing the finished product. Michael worked on the stuns for Skyfall and From Paris with love, to name but a few. This new film is directed by Pasquale Pagano and co-stars Chloe Dunn, Jeff Lenogue and Sidy Derieue.

PLOT: In a near future – where chaos prevails – the government decided to create a military academy known as Forseti, in order to train Elite forces, aka the Templars. Each academy student is raised in quarantine by the government since childhood and is nano-modified, providing physical strengths far greater than those of an average human. In order to be ranked as a Templar, RAIN, one of Forseti’s apprentices, must pass his final test: neutralizing the members of Alastar, an armed organization which illegally creates and distributes nano-augmentations. RAIN will be escorted by his instructor SUNILDA and his partner SCOPE.


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