October 8, 2014

Behind the Scenes of Lone Wolf McQuade

I have to say the Lone Wolf McQuade is one of my favorite Norris Films; so it goes without saying that we all know about the Bad Assery of Chuck “I will Round House You” Norris. But let’s delve into the man known as David “Kwai Chang Caine, Kill Bill,” Carradine.

As most of us know when Mr. Carradine got the part in kung fu over Bruce Lee, he had never taken a martial arts class in his life; now hold on to your hats; in order to play the role of a Shaolin monk (Masters Of Kung Fu) he relied on his experience as a dancer, Sword fighting, Boxing, and Street Fighting on which to draw on. Now let’s fast forward to Lone Wolf McQuade.

Did you know it was rumored that a fight broke out between Carradine and Norris during the filming of the final fight scene? Norris felt that Carradine was kicking him too hard and warned him not to do it again. When he did, Norris laid hands or feet on him for real.  I wish I could have been on the set to see that.

It was said that in the scene where he was in the ring kickboxing, he had actually kicked the stunt man and broke his collar bone.  Now I do not know if that rumor is true or not, but I know when watching that scene it looks as if Mr. Carradine had no control when throwing the kick in question.

In one of his books, Mr. Carradine said that he and Norris never touched each other during the filming of Lone Wolf McQuade, therefore squashing the real life fight rumor between him and Mr. Norris.  However there was nothing mentioned of the injured stuntman.

When I had first heard of all this I had lost a bit of my fandom for Mr. Carradine; to me he was not a true martial artist but as the years passed he did in fact take up the practice of Tai Chi so in my eyes that took him out of the category of pretender to a practitioner.

In his untimely death I appreciated the fact that Mr. Carradine helped usher in the practice of the martial arts through his role of a Shaolin Monk in the TV Series Kung Fu, Kung Fu: The Next Generation, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, and Kill Bill. 

Rest in Peace Mr. Carradine 

Don “The Iron Sensei” Burnell

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