October 6, 2014

‘Brutal’ to Screen in Mainland China

Irma’s Place Productions in partnership with producer Li Ming Zhi, and JY Entertainment is excited to announce that their new film BRUTAL will be screening nationwide in mainland China this winter. A mixed martial arts action- adventure, BRUTAL stars international action star Morgan Benoit (THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM) and sci-fi fan favorites David Mattey (HANCOCK) and Stacy Jorgensen (GREY SKIES.)

BRUTAL is also the feature film debut for former All-American and New York Giants offensive lineman Jeff Hatch. Helmed by writer/director Donald Lawrence Flaherty, the film features fight sequences created by Colin Follenweider (AVATAR) and Chris Torres (HOSTEL) that critics are calling “genre redefining.”


Here’s your exclusive sneak peak at the new film BRUTAL.

Watch it here:

* Contains intense imagery, viewer discretion is advised.



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