October 17, 2014

Kung Fu Star Wu Jing May Have To Retire?

It’s not easy being an action star, seeing as how our favorite frontmen work day in and day out to train their bodies to entertain the masses of movie lovers who enjoy great cinematic screenfighting.

Incidentally, some of these actors also pay a high price for their personal up-keep as injuries are often a common thing between perfoming big stunts and dynamic fight choreography on set, and we can only hope that this type of thing won’t subject these talented folks to early retirement.

Unfortunately, that very well may be the case for actor, action star and filmmakerWu Jing, whose photos are now going viral showing the martial arts wunderkind bed-ridden with both legs wrapped and layered in casts.

The striking picture comes on the heels ofWu having just finished Terence Cheung’s 2015 thematic prequel action thriller, Sha Po Lang 2: A Time For Consequences with Tony Jaa and Louis Koo, and is merely months away from the release of his directorial debut, Special Force: Wolf Warrior, in which he also performs, and the word is that these two may be the final films of his acting career due to the severity of his injuries.

As much as I, among many, hope for Wu’s recovery, I can honestly say that if he were to end performing altogether, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. His martial arts roots in Beijing have lended him some huge successes in working with some of the most extraordinary, longstanding film professionals our time, like Darren Shahlavi, Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung, Jet Li and even the now-late Lau Kar Leung. And now at the age of forty, married with a newborn son to take care of, I would say he’s deserves the bit of rest he now needs.

Of course, lightning could strike and Wu could fully recover, granting him more opportunities to live out the full potential of his career, handed down by a great legacy of artists past and still present. Regardless though, this is an important time for Wu as the future remains tentatively uncertain, and any decision he makes from here on out regarding his future in film is one that we have to respect either way.Besides, as a matter of personal experience, I can invariably agree that one broken leg is bad enough. But two? That’s hellish.

Much respect to you, Wu. You’ve seriously more than earned it.

Special Force: Wolf Warrior arrives in China this December. Mark it on your calendars and stay tuned for more release info.

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