November 27, 2014

New Trailers for Scott Adkins and Wu Jing’s Wolf Warrior

Martial arts action star Jacky Wu Jing‘s current physical condition may be worse for wear at the moment following much needed surgery in recent months, and with any luck fans will see him back on the set to do what he does most awesomely, whether in front or behind the camera in some capacity. However, fans will still be able to catch Wu on the big screen early next year overseas in at least a few more films, including his directorial debut, Wolf Warrior, alongside The Expendables 2 alums, principal actress Yu Nan and fellow martial arts superstar Scott Adkins as the main villain.
The best part about this update is that the promotional campaign is finally running viral with more character posters and two new teaser trailers, with Wu in the redemptive role of Leng Feng, a rebellious Chinese commando forced to square off with a vengeful squadron of mercs in search of the solider who killed their drug lord boss. It’s a perfect set up for a story that promises some of the most explosive sequences ever shot on film, raging with fire and fisticuffs with Wu and Adkins daring to light up the screen in pure IMAX and 3D fashion this coming January, which should be a real treat for Chinese moviegoers next year.
Wolf Warrior is produced by LV Jianmin with Chris Collins, Kyle Shapiro, Kevin Lee, Sona Eyambe and fellow action star Vincent Zhao rounding out the cast. Check out all the action and accompanying ink below, and as always, stay excited!


Source: Film Combat Syndicate

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