November 7, 2014

Trailer For Marko Zaror In ‘Redeemer’


Here’s a first look at Redeemer, the Chilean action pic starring martial artist Marko Zaror that could help seal the imposing 6’3″ martial artist as the next international action star to watch. The Undisputed III and Machete Kills thesp stars as a brooding former cartel hitman who makes a promise to God to hunt down his former bosses and does so, in a hail of bullets and kicks to the head.

Exec producers and sales co. XYZ Films brought the pic to AFM where MPI’s Dark Sky Films took North American rights in a deal announced yesterday. The action-heavy teaser trailer should help spark international sales for the Spanish language actioner, which showcases a sampling of Zaror’s impressive physicality (the film includes some scenes in English, courtesy of Looper‘s Noah Segan as an entitled American wannabe drug lord).

Redeemer marks Zaror’s fourth film with director Ernesto Díaz Espinoza, who first cast Zaror in his 2006 debut, the martial arts actioner Kiltro. The two partnered again on Miragemen (2007) and Mandrill (2009), also filmed in their native Chile. Redeemer is produced by Alfonso Moral, Alvaro Moral, and Diego Moral’s Moral Bros. Entertainment.

Source: Deadline and Marko Zaror

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