December 9, 2014

Behind the Scenes of Jesse Johnson’s Lobo Fan Film

Director Jesse Johnson’s Lobo fan film trailer nearly broke the internet last week and really was one of the best examples of what a fan film can be.

You may remember Johnson made the hugely popular Wonder Women fan trailer a few months back which was also a huge success.

His goal with these shorts was purposely going to characters that had not had features, or shorts made about them. He would then try to invent his own universe for them, within the loose boundaries of the comic books.



A lot of fan films aim simply to replicate the style or inventiveness of an existing motion picture and this is something that is of no interest to Jesse; copying someone else’s handiwork is not something he wants to do.

Both fan films, which you can see below, were made for less than $10,000 which really demonstrates what you can do with a f our figure budget and a big imagination. It also helps to have a talented cast and crew; Jerry Trimble Jr. totally embodied the character of Lobo and I would love to see this become a feature length movie.

The supporting cast also includes Michael Pare, Dennis Keifer, TJ Rotolo, Joshua Lang, Luke Lafontaine, Johanna Braddy and Violet Boudicca. Luke Lafontaine is also the stunt coordinator on the project..

The make-up by Shaun Smith was incredibly impressive, but considering he’s worked on movies like 300 and Cabin in the Woods then that should come as no surprise.














In case you missed them, here are the trailers to Jesse Johnson’s Lobo and Wonder Woman Fan Films.

Wonder Woman – Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson on Vimeo.

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Trailer to Lobo Fan Film from Jesse Johnson

This is only 1 minute and 40 seconds long but it already has some of the best exploding heads I’ve seen on film in years. According to DC Wika “Lobo is an ultra-violent motorcycle-riding inter-galactic bounty hunter...
by Eoin Friel