December 3, 2014

Short Film: Whipping Boy

As many of you who often visit Escapist Magazine may know as of late, their latest sci-fi/action film competition, Prototype, is currently in its second year with just one week away before a winner will be announced for the grand prize of a feature film deal with New Regency Pictures. Eight of the finalists have their shortfilms available online for public viewing before then, including director Michael Chance’s entry, Whipping Boy, which brandished a really slick poster to accompany his new endeavor this season.

Having said all this, a press release has been officially issued this week announcing the shortfilm, which centers on a dystopian future where a privately-employed human punching bag decides he’s had enough and fights back. In my own opinion, it’s a great set up with all the trimmings that make it worthy of feature treatment, and it’s easy to see why the competition is so fierce.
CLICK HERE to view a list of three others I picked as my favorites for this season’s contest. Otherwise, read on, and enjoy the shortfilm and poster in full below!

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 03, 2014 – The new science-fiction film WHIPPING BOY co-stars Celeste Thorson (How I Met Your Mother, The Exes, Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and Tongayi Chirisa (American Horror Story, NCIS Los Angeles, Sleepy Hollow) directed by Michael Chance (Project Arbiter, The Narrow Road, The Reason) and written by Aiah Samba (People That Do Something). Set in the future, Olly ‘Napalm’ Harris (Chirisa) works as a human punching bag to relieve others of their stress, but gets caught up with Ramona Pinsler (Thorson) a mysterious woman who possesses a strange device everyone is after. Whipping Boy premiered through Escapist Movies by Escapist Magazine as part of New Regency Prototype. Michael Chance and Aiah Samba were selected through Prototype’s search for the next great sci-fi filmmaker.

Chance cast Chirisa and Thorson from auditions held in Los Angeles, CA. The opportunity to explore the futuristic world of Whipping Boy attracted her to the film. Filming took place in San Jose, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. Thorson faced the challenge of expressing the intricate layers of Ramona’s powerful bio-tech profession in contrast to her vulnerable emotional state. The actors worked to showcase the complex and intriguing relationship between Napalm and Ramona.

“Stepping into Ramona’s shoes was a remarkable opportunity to be immersed in the fantasy world of WHIPPING BOY. I like to work with filmmakers on high concepts science fiction films because of the heightened imagination and creativity. It was awesome working with the cast and crew, especially during the action elements.” stated Thorson.
In addition to rehearsals, Thorson worked with stunt coordinator Eric Jacobus on set to create the stunts for Ramona. She has had some training in martial arts and often does her own stunts in productions. Thorson studied a variety of acting styles, like Meisner, Method and Stanislavski, at acclaimed performance art schools. She started her career on stage productions then moved onto hosting before expanding to action, drama and comedy.

Source: Film Combat Syndicate

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