December 11, 2014

Stallone Talks Rambo V & Creed

In a recent interview with The Star, action legend Sylvester Stallone discussed returning as iconic characters John Rambo and Rocky Balboa. Rocky of course will have a role in the new boxing movie Creed starring Michael B Jordan.

It’s something that I thought at first was insane. My vision of Rocky was complete. I was very satisfied with the last one and certainly Rocky could never get in the ring again.”

This idea was presented to me where Creed has a son. When they meet it becomes like a resuscitation for Rocky, who has just sort of given up. Then this new force comes along. I thought wow. This just might work. It’s not Rocky VII. It’s Creed I .”

When asked who his favourite character is he said: “I have to go with Rocky because it really speaks to the common man. Rocky is me after coffee in the morning and Rambo is me before coffee. Rambo is like the Frankenstein creature. He was put together by the military and then discarded.”

The subject of Rambo: Last Blood came up and Sly gave a few interesting details: “The new Rambo, if it is one more, would be kind of a different, darker, modern western – where he’s not taking on 200 enemies. The automatic machine gun fire would be kind of reduced to more of an interesting, stalking scenario, kind of like Taken if you know what I mean. Something believable.”

Sounds like it might be more like First Blood, as long as it still has a huge bodycount then I’m happy but it doesn’t sound like it; he’ll have to go some to top the 2008 Rambo.

Source: The Star

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