January 9, 2015

Catching Up With Scott Adkins


Scott Adkins is a busy man. With four movies already slated for release this year; Criminal (with Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner), Grimsby (with Mark Strong, Isla Fisher, Sacha Baron Cohen, Penelope Cruz), Zero Tolerance (alongside Dustin Nguyen and Gary Daniels)  and the Hong Kong actioner Wolf. We spoke to him on the set of his new film Close Range to get caught up.






Close Range once again pairs you with director Issac Florentine. You guys are like the DeNiro and Scorsese of action films. What is it about working with him that makes for such a cohesive pairing?

We cut through the bullshit and can be very straight with each other, very honest. He shoots action better than anyone, and I am willing to put my body on the line for him and give 100 percent. Plus, we are both able to work very fast and make good action in a short time frame. He is also a very very nice guy and so am I – I like to think.


What can you tell us about the story?

I play Colton MacReady. He is forced to jump into action and rescue his niece from a Mexican drug cartel. Needless to say, the cartel is not too happy about it and vows revenge on MacReady and his family, who are held up in his sister’s home. The corrupt local sheriff is of no help so basically Colton’s life is turned upside down and he is forced to fight back any way he can.

You have been doing some fight choreography for the film with the guys at 87Eleven, particularly Jeremy Marinas who plays Cruz…

Yeah, they are all great guys. I worked with them on The Expendables 2 and Wolverine and this time I worked with a whole new group. All very talented and the level of stunt work that they bring to the movies they work on is fantastic. In my opinion, they are THE best fight stunt guys in the world.


You have a different look in almost every film, does it take much time to transform from Scott to Boyka physically? Is there a lot of extra training involved in addition to your everyday routine?

A massive amount, it’s very difficult. The hardest part for me is getting the extra calories in and eating at the correct times. It takes about 3-4 months of intense diet and training to get to the point where I feel comfortable that I can ‘become’ Boyka.

Can you share with us the status of Undisputed IV?

The script is almost finalized and we are just doing a few final tweaks. If all goes well we should be getting the green light soon and Boyka will be back in action!

Thanks to Scott Adkins for the chat and the exclusive on-set photo

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