January 6, 2015

Could Beyond Skyline Be Awesome?

The 2010 feature Skyline was met with mostly negative reviews but I didn’t think it was too bad and thought the visuals were pretty impressive.

It was the D-List cast which really let it down and a frankly bizarre ending which left us all scratching our heads.

As you all know by now we are getting a sequel called Beyond Skyline but rather than a D-List cast we’ve got ourselves some high quality actors and action stars.

Iko Uwais from The Raid series stars in the film alongside The Purge: Anarchy’s Frank Grillo.



According to Variety Iko will play the leader of an underground resistance that forms after aliens touch down on earth and Grillo plays a tough-as-nails detective/father  on a relentless pursuit to free his son from a nightmarish alien warship.

What’s interesting is that this is almost a Raid Reunion with Yayan Ruhian, Iko’s co-star in The Raid franchise joining the action.

They will also act as fight choreographers on the film so I have a sneaking suspicion that this new movie might just be awesome.

Liam O’Donnell will direct Beyond Skyline, in addition to writing it, while Greg and Colin Strause (the directors of the original “Skyline”) will produce along with Matthew Chausse and Mike Wiluan.

2014 was a great year for Frank Grillo as he had a lead role as The Punisher… err… sorry in The Purge: Anarchy and as Crossbones in Captain American: The Winter Soldier so he really got to prove his action chops.

Variety also states that O’Donnell said he wrote the role with Grillo in mind, because he wanted someone who could be a “throw-back action hero battling his inner demons while outwardly kicking ass.”

When discussing the film Grillo said “I’m excited to create something fresh and visually stunning with this film; Hydraulx is unrivaled at what they do and Liam has assembled a great cast and intense script.”

Producer Greg Strause said he chose The Raid stars because “We’re showcasing a new kind of alien combat, so who better to collaborate with than the most innovative fight team in the world?”

Filming began in Indonesia a few weeks ago and we have a few behind the scenes photos below.






Normally this movie wouldn’t really show up on my radar but with this cast I am definitely intrigued. This also bodes well for The Raid remake as Grillo will no doubt be getting some training in from Iko and the crew as you can see above.

This is also planned to be a standalone film and not considered a direct sequel; either way, I’m now officially excited for this movie and can’t wait to get a look at the trailer.



Source: Variety

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