January 21, 2015

Darren Shahlavi Memorial Fund

Darren Shahlavi’s family have set up a memorial fund on the GiveForward site.

“In a fiercely competitive profession he had a deserved reputation for being the consummate gentleman, as well as a highly professional, optimistic and sensationally talented individual. He was competing at the level of an Olympic athlete, doing his own fight scenes, and constantly developing and honing his craft. He had his best years ahead of him, with his recent success and booked-upcoming jobs making this year perhaps the most exciting and full of potential of his life – he had everything to live for.

Determined to keep the martial arts genre, he so loved, alive, he knew too well that the techniques and styles had to be fresh and constantly evolving. At 42 years old he was also competing with 20 year old gymnasts and beating them at their own tricks. He worked out everyday, and trained with the discipline and motivation of a professional prize-fighter. This continued physical punishment took it’s toll, and Darren was suffering from a hip injury that had never fully healed. He was prescribed a painkiller for his hip that he wasn’t used to and had a toxic reaction to it. His passing leaves a great vacuum in the industry as his full potential had only been hinted at.

His devastated family has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of emotion, and is arranging a funeral in the UK, followed by a memorial service in the US. This fund will help with the considerable expenses related to transporting Darren back to the UK – and helping the family with the associated costs of traveling from the UK to the US and back.

The Shahlavi family would also like to give Darren the Hollywood Memorial Service that he so rightly deserves, where his friends and colleagues can share in remembering his life. Any amount is helpful at this extremely difficult time. Our heartfelt thanks to everybody that is able to donate and to those who have sent messages of sympathy.”

To donate please visit GoForward here

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