January 26, 2015

Whatever Happened to The Punisher TV Series?

Remember a couple of years ago there was talk that FOX was going to have a Punisher TV Series? The plot was about a rising star detective with the New York Police Department who moonlights as a vigilante hero dubbed The Punisher in order to obtain justice for those the system has failed.

If memory serves me correctly, fans weren’t happy (are they ever?) with this potential idea as it was going to tone down the violence of the character and remove the idea that he was a Vietnam Vet which seemed like a complete waste of time. Obviously they could change it so he could have fought in Iraq or something more modern like that but it was being compared to shows like Dexter and rapidly disappeared from schedules.

On IMDB it says the show is still meant to be on this year at some point but there hasn’t been any recent word or casting announcements.

Personally I would ditch the idea and give it to Netflix, like they’re doing with Daredevil. Give us the Frank Castle we’ve always wanted and don’t worry about toning the character down for the kiddies. He’s a Hard R character so let’s keep it that way.

I also want to bring back Thomas Jane as he was my favourite incarnation of Castle. Sure the film had its flaws but he wasn’t one of them; his short film Dirty Laundry had just the right amount of grit and violence to make for an intense and exciting Punisher.

The fact that Jane wanted to make the short film demonstrated his dedication and love for the character and that he still wants to do The Punisher justice really makes him the perfect choice.

It’s interesting that with Marvel’s upcoming slate there appear to be no plans for a Punisher movie any time in the near future so I say give Frank the Netflix treatment and give us The Punisher we’ve been waiting for.

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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
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