February 16, 2015

Details on Leon: 25th Anniversary Director’s Cut

How the Hell is this movie 25 years old? I used to practically watch this movie on repeat on VHS and it’s essentially JCVD’s version of Rocky.

A few high quality pictures from the upcoming release are below, courtesy of Van Damme Fanz Germany. I’ve also translated some of what they wrote about the release below so some of it may not make perfect sense but you get the idea.

This message goes to all the Jean -Claude Van Damme and LEON fans out there . We have exclusive pictures as a sneak peek of the upcoming Blu -ray release of LEON – 25th ANNIVERSARY DIRECTOR’S CUT . Convince yourself of the great image quality of the movie , because this is the recent DVD releases in the shade.

In other countries, the film was released under the following headings : LIONHEART (USA ) AWOL (UK), FULL CONTACT ( FR) and WRONG BET (OFF). Even the film director Sheldon Lettich 100 % convinced of the future German Blu -ray release, see for yourself: “I’ve previewed the Blu -ray The picture and sound quality are top-notch , the best I’ve ever seen and heard for . a home video release of ” Lionheart “.

Special Features Include a Making of, Audio commentary, Interviews and a 12 page booklet.

The Platinum Cult Edition of Leon will be out in March. Not sure if it will be region free or not but I sure hope so.











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