February 18, 2015

No Chance: A Commando Parody Sequel

If ever there was an Indiegogo campaign I’m interested in it’s this.

Commando is one of the all time great action movies with epic one-liners and a huge body count.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made the role of John Matrix his own and this movie entitled No Chance sounds like a lot of fun!

It’s a parody sequel that is currently in the works but it needs your support!

Check out the details below:



Are the 80’s Back?

Why yes – yes they are!  There’s never been an era of moviemaking that was quite as much fun as 80’s action.  That’s why three bona fide children of the 80’s have gotten together to bring that sense of all-out entertainment back to the screen. No Chance is our tribute to the golden age of action movies.  While it’s a parody sequel inspired by the 80’s classic Commando (under the Fair Use Act for parody with altered names, new characters and the like) it will still be jam-packed with all the guns, guts and glory that made the 80’s great.

We have already completed 3 episodes that are ready to be watched on YouTube. You can find links to them in the Gallery section of this page.  They are 14-15 minutes a piece.   Also please view the trailer, it’s pretty action packed!

We are raising funds to shoot 5 more episodes that will also be edited together with the first 3 episodes to make the feature film version of No Chance.

It’s time to celebrate everything that was awesome about 80’s action – but we can’t do it without your help!


John Mantrixx was the 80’s greatest action hero.  After completing his most important mission – saving his daughter – the government asked him to come back, but he said, “No Chance.” Little did he know that adjusting to Life After Action would be so tough – a couple of massacres here and there, and he found himself locked away with the rest of the decade’s greatest action legends.  But ten years later, a letter from his daughter makes him realize that she needs his help more than ever – and that some parts of his past may not be dead and buried.

There’s only one thing for a good 80’s hero to do – break out, find the bad guys, and kick their asses 80’s style.  After all…he always said he’d be back!


Matt Poitras has been crafting props and costumes professionally for the past 18 years.  His productions company, MP Filmcraft, supplies collectors, film, theatrical, and television projects with props and costumes.  Matt along with his good friend Andrew George conceived the idea for No Chance almost ten years ago with writer/producer Jason Chilton as they wondered, “What would happen to an 80’s action hero in the modern world?” and immediately realized, “He’d be thrown in a mental institution and have to fight his way out!”  Matt’s filmography as a director spans more than a decade and his most recent project, the award-winning documentary To Go Viking: The Saga of a Modern Warrior just received its worldwide release.  It is available on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Instant, Blockbuster and many more platforms.  His love of old-school, practical action effects comes through in every frame of No Chance.

Jason Chilton is thrilled to be writing and producing No Chance almost a decade after he and Matt came up with the original concept.  Jason brings more than a decade of short subject, documentary, reality television and feature film experience to this project, and No Chance is his second feature screenplay.  As excited as he is about those things, he’s even more thrilled to be bringing the 80’s most balls-out awesome action villain back to life for a well-deserved encore.

Darren Lehmann has many years of experience as a director, camera operator and director of photography.  His production company DarreNever has worked on many short films and documentaries.  However his real claim to fame is in front of the camera portraying The Man himself – ARNOLD!  Darren has gotten national recognition portraying Arnold in multiple media.  A few years ago Darren was awarded “Arnold’s Other Twin” in a contest put on by the official Arnold site:, which no one else has been award since.  He has also won the role as Terminator in T Too – Judgement Play the popular comedy play version of T2.  Now he suits up as John Mantrixx ready to kill at least 88 bad guys in No Chance! (88 is Arnold’s kill count for Commando)  So far Mantrixx kill count is 36!  Not bad for 3 episodes.  (please note those stats do NOT include punch outs)

Mark Poitras has a passion for exploring different sounds and styles.  He has been experimenting with a variety of traditional instruments and electronics for many years.  Mark now resides in Austin, Texas working in his studio composing a wide variety of music for films, television, trailers, promotional videos and other forms of video for clients on an international scale.  Notable credits include placements of tracks on TV shows on The History Channel, MTV, Bravo, The Food Network, Spike TV, Animal Planet and TLC. Film credits include the feature documentary To Go Viking, short docudrama Blood of a King, and short film Amazon Underwater.


Timothy McKinney made the decision to embrace his love of acting almost two decades after his last high school theater production.  It wasn’t one of those casual side-hug embraces, either – he wrapped both arms around that baby and studied the Meisner method for over two years.  Represented by Landrum arts, Timothy has quickly become a veteran of commercial, theater and television productions.  He tells us that No Chance is the most fun he’s ever had on set – we’re pretty sure we believe him, but he is pretty good at that whole acting thing so we can never be quite sure.

Kacey Samiee has been acting for well over 10 years. She practices stage, film, and improv. She also practices yoga in hopes of one day getting her leg behind her head. In the mean time she holds her leg…in front of her face…kind of to the side. Anyway, if you Google search her name a lot of stuff will pop up. Some of that stuff is awesome and the rest is kinda weird. None of it is naked though. So, if something is naked it’s probably her head Photoshopped onto someone else’s hot body.

Richard Dodwell spent much of his childhood performing on the London stages. Once he had grown too old to be a child actor, the next 40 years were spent in Special Forces and a career working for multinational chemical companies. After retiring 5 years ago, he returned to his acting roots, Richard is now devoted full time to his “new” acting career, and stays very busy on stage, in movies, commercials, photo shoots and voice over work. He has 3 grown sons and a rescue dog named Oliver.


But enough from me; head on over to the No Chance Indiegogo page for more details and to help out.

No Chance Indiegogo Page:

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