February 22, 2015

War Pigs Kickstarter Campaign

War Pigs is a WWII set action movie starring Luke Goss, Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke; it’s inspired by movies like  Kelly’s Heroes and The Dirty Dozen.

It has one week left of its Kickstarter campaign so I thought I’d put a piece together to help it along.

The movie sounds like a lot of fun and if it’s anything like The Dirty Dozen then count me in!

Rewards include a Producer’s credit, costume props and much more.

You can check out full details over at the War Pigs Kickstarter Page.



At the peak of the WWII, the allies advance against Nazi Germany, a disgraced US Army Captain Jack Wosick, is “volunteered” by Major A.J. Redding to train a rag tag unit of misfit soldiers known as the “War Pigs.” Jack is to prepare them for select and secret missions against one of Hitler’s super weapons: the powerful V-3. To get his unorthodox assignment accomplished Redding pairs Jack with a battle hardened German born French Legionnaire, Captain Peter Picault. Together, they are ordered to train the War Pigs into a functioning reconnaissance unit.

Training begins under the battle tested guidance of Captain Picault, but is made more difficult by Sergeant August Chambers and his lack luster belief in the Army’s officer Corp.  During the training, the men use various unorthodox commando tactics including weapons training, knife fighting, observation, deception, and rule-breaking. Jack, with the help of Picault, gradually earns the respect of his new unit. Jack’s War Pigs are ready for their fight against Hitler and their mission against the Nazi Wonder Weapon and must go behind enemy lines.

Where we are at

Right now War Pigs is in post-production. With our great cast and crew we were able to get most of the primary footage shot in 18 days, with only needing a few days of pickup footage left over.  The movie is now nearing the end of the first stage of editing, and will soon go on to special effects and sound.


Why War Pigs Needs Your Help

We need your help to increase what we can do in post! Special effects, sounds, and music don’t always come cheap, and they are what is really going to make this movie look real.  So we need your help to make this movie the best it can possibly be. Every little bit counts!

Even if you aren’t able to pledge, you can still join the War Pigs and help make this happen by tweeting, liking, and using your best war cry to tell everyone about it! Now let’s make this movie amazing!


Who we are

Schuetzle Company Productions journey started four years ago with a single purpose; to create films of the highest quality while utilizing minimal budgets and retaining full creative control. Together, we are embarking upon a mission to create our second successful independent feature film.

Risks and challenges

Every film, no matter how big or small, has its own unique set of challenges and War Pigs was no different. The production team behind the project have experience, passion, and desire to see this film made.
Every member of the production team played a valuable role to make War Pigs a reality.

That being said we want to make the movie as amazing and realistic as we can, which is why we are asking for your help!

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Eoin Friel
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