March 24, 2015

Carol: The Real Badass of The Walking Dead

If you haven’t been watching The Walking Dead then you’d best move along as this contains a few spoilers.

We all know Daryl, Michonne and Rick are awesome but you know who the biggest badass is on The Walking Dead? Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). She started off as a quiet housewife who was married to an abusive jerk.

Throughout season 1 she is all about protecting her little girl Sophia after her husband is eaten by Walkers. She strikes up an unlikely friendship with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and as the show progresses she becomes more like him.


She begins to lose her vulnerability after Sophia comes out of the barn in Season 2 which remains one of the most jaw dropping moments in TV history.

Carol realizes that she has to become a survivor and the way she slowly develops and changes makes her the most well-defined character on the show.

A lot of the time she will sit there quietly and we aren’t sure what’s going on in her head but we do begin to see her crack in Season 4.

When a disease starts to spread in the prison, people start dying and we discover that not everyone died from natural causes. Carol killed two of the team (Karen and David) but why? We think it’s because she’s lost her mind and perhaps she has but the way she sees it she is doing everything for the greater good.

By taking out these crew members who were starting to get sick, she pretty much prevented the sickness from spreading. Rick asks her if she killed Karen and David and she simply replies “yes” and walks away.

This is a huge moment for the character as it’s essentially when she loses her humanity and becomes a stoic warrior. At first this doesn’t quite sit well as we think she may be too dangerous but she has essentially become exactly what is required to survive.

Rick sees her as a liability and asks her to come with him into town; he then sends her away and we expect her to plead and cry, begging to stay… but she doesn’t. She simply gets in the car and drives off.

So why is she a badass? Well now, a whole bunch of stuff has happened between the gang and The Governor in Season 4 which I won’t go into here; but we’ll just say that the prison is no longer safe and they crew are all separated. They all see signs for a place called Terminus and begin to make their way there.

When Rick and the gang eventually arrive at Terminus, they get captured and in a rather shocking scene they are about to be hit with baseball bats, get their throats slit and then get eaten by cannibals. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

What the cannibals didn’t count on, however was one Carol Peletier who has not only survived being out on her own but has thrived and is now a female Rambo. While Tyrese is busy being a pussy too scared to kill, it’s been up to Carol to keep him and Judith alive after the gang was split up.

Carol is never afraid to make the tough decisions and she has to make some REALLY tough ones; when Lizzie becomes the Mayor of Crazytown and murders her sister, Carol realizes that this little girl cannot be around people. In one of the toughest scenes to watch in TV history Lizzie is crying, not really understanding what she’s done and Carol struggles for a moment then shoots her dead. This is not a world for the faint of heart and Carol once again proves she’s a survivor.

So back to Terminus; just before Glenn is about to be terminated, a HUGE explosion rocks the building and we find out that it was Carol who has gone all one man army on Terminus and some walkers. She covers herself in undead blood to disguise herself from them and it’s one of the best action scenes of the show.

Here’s a snippet below:

This proves that she is the ultimate lone wolf who is frankly at her best when she is on her own. Is this the same Carol who spent most of Season 1 crying?

That’s not all though; in one of the most recent episodes when the gang are in their new “safe” town, Carol is caught by one of the local kids as she tries to steal some guns. Rather than coming up with some easy lie, she threatens him that if he should ever tell anyone what he saw, she’ll take him outside into the wild and tie him up leaving him for the walkers to eat him alive. Now that’s harsh!

It looks like things are going to get even more awesome in future episodes but I’ll be keeping a close eye on Ms. Peletier and if the zombie apocalypse should ever happen for real, I want her on my team.

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