March 30, 2015

The Crow Week at The Action Elite

Few action films, or movies as a whole for that matter, summon the range of emotions from those who have seen it quite like The Crow. The 1994 fantasy action film is remembered for a range of reasons, reasons both good and bad, yet here we are more than two decades after the movie was released, and The Crow is still sparking conversation and celebration.

I would know – I’ve been an open fan of The Crow since an Army buddy if mine first inducted me into its cult following back in 2009, and like any good convert, found a passion for The Crow that burns to this very day. If you follow my website – and after all, why wouldn’t you? – you know I talked about the movies, comics and the upcoming remake any time I’m given the excuse, and even had the chance to interview James O’Barr, creator of The Crow himself.
With that in mind, after I heard and read that Eoin was doing his own interview with James O’Barr, I came to him with an idea. So now, I come before you now ready to announce that we here at The Action Elite are declaring this week an unofficial holiday: The Crow Week, seven straight days where we discuss all things related to our favorite undead avenger, from the original comic book that launched it all to the controversies that surround its much talked about remake.

Just what do we have in store for you fine folks?
-A look back at the original comic book series.
-Yet another look back at the original movie.
-A memoriam to the late, great Brandon Lee.
-Showcases of four of the recent Crow comics from IDW Publishing.
-A look at the upcoming remake/reboot.

So folks, lets fire it up, and kick things off Crow week the only way we know how – with a bang.


About the Author

SCW Korsgaard
Soldier, scholar, writer and web-voyeur, Sean CW Korsgaard is a long-time fan of action cinema, making it all the more fitting his start as a film critic reviewing The Expendables in his first review back in 2010, and he's been reviewing films, action or otherwise, ever since. In addition to The Action Elite, he writes for a number of websites, including his own, Korsgaard's Commentary. and as a film critic, is rather proud of the fact his first official review was of The Expendables.



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