April 8, 2015

Is Taken 3 Unrated Worth Your Money?

The Unrated version of Taken 3 is now available on iTunes so I thought I’d give it another shot to see if it was any better than the choppy theatrical version.

So what’s different? Well the one thing which really stood out was there is a lot more swearing in this version; even in the other two films I don’t remember quite so many “fucks” being said.

They should have kept them in as some of the dialogue in the theatrical cut made no sense. If you’re going to make a film PG-13 then at least film it that way so it’s not the total mess that the film turned out.


The only other major difference I noticed was some more blood and it wasn’t obvious CG either; as I expected the finale in the apartment was more brutal with a bit more blood splattering the walls.

There is still the dreaded shaky cam but it didn’t seem quite so apparent which was definitely a plus so the action was mildly more coherent; Olivier Megaton is a terrible director though and shouldn’t be allowed near an action movie again.

The film is still incredibly dull and more swearing and violence hasn’t made it a better movie. As I said in my review for the theatrical version, it was just so slow and ponderous; lacking the intensity of the first film and even to a lesser extent the second.

So in short, no it isn’t worth your time or money.

If you’re a completist though and want to purchase the Blu-ray or DVD, they will be released on April 21st.


Details are below:

The Blu-ray Combo Pack will include:

2.39:1, 1080p HD video

DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 English; Dolby Digital 5.1 French and Spanish audio

English SDH, French, and Spanish subtitles

The Unrated Cut

Deleted Scene – “Flashback Malankov”

Sam’s Bunker A.K.A. The Rabbit Hole

Taken to L.A.

A Taken Legacy



The single disc DVD will include:

2.39:1 anamorphic video

Dolby Digital 5.1 English; Dolby Digital 2.0 French and Spanish audio

English and Spanish subtitles

Deleted Scene – “Flashback Malankov”

Sam’s Bunker A.K.A. The Rabbit Hole

Taken to L.A.

A Taken Legacy

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