April 14, 2015

Poll: What’s the Best Expendables Movie?

There hasn’t been much talk of a fourth movie in The Expendables series but since the box office for part 3 was so lackluster then it’s not a surprise.

It’s a shame as I still think there is potential for a truly great film but for now it looks like The Expendables movies will remain a trilogy.

I think there is something to enjoy in all 3 films but personally the best is the first movie because I will always remember the thrill of seeing all of these badasses on screen together; this was my Avengers. It also has the best action scenes with plenty of great fights too.


A highlight is definitely the Basketball fight scene between Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) and an abusive ex-boyfriend of Lacy, the woman he loves. It’s so satisfying and also one of the most genuinely thrilling fight scenes of the series.

It also has the harbour bombing scene which is the best scene of the series; it’s that moment where you just shout “F**K YEAH!” which is something that was missing from the other two films in the series.

Dolph Lundgren gets the most screen time in this movie and is sadly wasted in parts 2 and 3; the highlight for him is his rather awesome fight scene with Jet Li where he gets to say “Bring it, Happy Feet!”

Part two however has one Jean-Claude Van Damme as the villain (subtly named Jean Vilain) who ends up being the best villain of the series and steals the entire movie.

We also have Scott Adkins as his henchman Hector who doesn’t have enough screen time but his fight with Statham is awesome and he has a pretty classic bad guy death too.

The fight between Sly and JCVD is also too short and the film’s self-referential humour got tired very quickly and took away any really tension from the story.

The opening 15 minutes is action nirvana with the boys blowing nine colours of shit out of the bad guys and really felt like an 80’s style action sequence, which is what this series is all about.

The Expendables 3 was the least successful of the series for several reasons; many fans were turned off by the PG-13 rating, which watered down the action making it pretty lifeless but the real problem was that there were too many characters and the young cast just weren’t all that interesting. The fact that it was leaked didn’t help either…

I did enjoy Mel Gibson as the bad guy Conrad Stonebanks and he did the best with what he was given. The scene in the van with him and Barney was one of the highlights of the series; sadly the final fight scene was once again too short but it was still cool to see these two legends battle it out.

So despite The Expendables 2 and 3 having their moments, for me the first one is the best. But never mind me, which is your favourite?

The poll has now ended and the results can be seen below; the winner is… The Expendables 2!

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