July 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Sly Stallone

People laugh when I say Stallone is my God – I reply: ‘At least I know my God exists…’

Knowing it was Sylvester Stallone’s birthday coming up, I wanted to do something, and being blessed with knowing Eoin Friel, the master creator of the Action Elite I asked him if I may be able to write a birthday wish on behalf of myself and the Action Elite which Eoin kindly accepted.

But where do I start when this man doesn’t need some intro, and nor does he need me to tell the world how great a man, father, role model he is…?  But I guess I’ll start with what this man means to me; after all I was fed Rocky in my bottle as a child…


Born on the 26th June, 1982, Dorset, England, my earliest memory was being only a toddler and not being able to sleep and thus I had wandered downstairs to find my father (a huge Stallone fan) watching Rambo: First Blood on VHS (yes VHS!), and as I sat next to him, I remember clear as day the climactic scene wherein Rambo and Colonel Trautman are on the roof.  The moment Rambo cried, I remember pretending to go to the toilet where I closed the door, sat on the toilet and cried my little heart out.

When my father opened the door he asked me what on earth was wrong in which I replied “I don’t want him to cry…” and from that moment I had this connection with Mr Stallone which never left me even up to this day; I mean I have a Rocky shrine for Christ sake!

Whenever I had finished watching Rocky as a child I always used to leap up off the sofa and start punching the air in front of me as if it was some opponent I was fighting.  In 1988, when my father went to watch Rambo III at the theatre I made him promise to wake me up and tell me all about it, which he did, and I will also never forget that father/son moment.  Although I may not see my father often, when we do it’s always to go and watch the latest Sly movie no matter what it is, which is always a highlight of my life.  I think it’s important to have role models, and more importantly the choice of role model, and who better to mould your life around than someone like Mr Stallone?  He’s fit, strong, healthy, the best family man, and someone whose aura illuminates all who are lucky enough to be around him.

I’d like to think I am the man I am today because of Mr Stallone, and when my Italian blood begins to boil I always manage to calm myself by thinking of my role model, or even when I’m in pain I hold a ‘Rocky thought’ in my mind which always seems to quell the imminent pain.  Yes, it annoys me when I’m in some shitty pub and a trailer for an upcoming Sly movie plays on the TV and old miserable gits shout abuse at the screen telling him it’s over, to quit, but I soon put them in their place when I remind them that this man is doing more with his life in his sixties alone than these losers EVER will in their entire life – I’m protective, and that’s just who I am.

Mr Stallone, you gave me purpose, that will to continue after my dream of being a screenwriter when everyone was, and still to this day are telling me to quit.  You once taught me ‘The world don’t meetcha’ halfway!’

…so here I am going the distance…

On behalf of myself, the Action Elite and your fans from top Hollywood dogs to just ordinary folk like myself, we all wish you a very happy birthday and may you continue to kick ass in your future endeavours.

I hope to meet you someday.

All our love x

Jonathan Pogioli

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Jonathan Poglioli
Jonathan Poglioli



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