September 2, 2015

Get. That. Snitch. – The World’s Most Dangerous Play

This is certainly a first for The Action Elite; a play done in the style of an action movie, described as  “a stylishly sinister story about blood, guns, and raw ambition”.

Well colour me intrigued. Get. That. Snitch. sounds like it could be rather fascinating.

Check out the Kickstarter details below which I took from the site:






Get. That. Snitch… is a stage play by Achilles Capone.

But it’s much much much much much much much more than just that…


September 25th – November 1st

Thursday – Saturday 8 PM

Sunday 3 PM

The Story:

Jack Thrash needs to get out. He’s been in deep with bad men most of his life, and now, he’s getting too good at being bad.

So, Jack puts together a plan, and starts pulling strings. Some of these strings are attached to his associates, slick talkers like Jerry Midas and stoic strong-arms like Iron Tom. Some of these strings are attached to more dangerous anchors, like the brutal crime lord Tony Sargossi, or an intrepid detective from the local police. And some of these strings are attached to more simple devices, like bullets, and guns, and hammers, and blades. As Jack weaves these strings together, in intricate overlaps and subtle double-crosses, the strings start to get tangled. That one string, was that the one attached to Pip? The snitch? The linchpin of the whole operation? Or was that string the one attached to the end of a grenade…

One thing’s for sure. At the end of these strings, there’s blood. A whole lot of blood. Because this story–a story about men, guns, and getting what you want–isn’t a very pretty story.

It’s a messy story. A tangled story. A violent story. A wild story. An action-packed-guns-blazing-no-holds-barred story.

It’s not a pretty story at all.

Instead, it’s a pretty damn good one.

The Intell: What’s the sitch with Get. That. Snitch?

The idea behind Get. That. Snitch. is to bring that gun-blazing-explosive-no holds-barred action adventure to life in front of your very eyes. Imagine a spiritual send-up between Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smokin’ Barrels, but live on stage! And while Get. That. Snitch. doesn’t pretend to those incredible films, it’s certainly inspired by them. The nail-biting action sequences, the tough-guy banter, the cool suits, the blood, the guns, the full-out brawls–it’s all here! And Great Minds Creative Productions endeavors to make it all happen in real time, with real people, and real awesome effects. With high-caliber fight choreography, mind-bending aesthetics, explosive and dynamic staging environments, we hope to expand the limits of what’s possible in live theater.

Oh yeah, and blow your fucking mind. We hope to do that too.

The Plan: Get. That. Snitch. will be making it’s premiere this fall!

That’s right. We’ve got the plan, we’ve got the talent, we’ve got the venue, but we need your help! Great Minds Creative Productions is looking to raise $10K to help make this gangster cirque-de-solei happen. This isn’t even close to how much the whole production will cost, but it’s what we need to get the ball rolling.

The Drop: Where’s the money going?

Venue Costs:
The award winning, critically acclaimed Atwater Village Theater has bravely agreed to be the proving grounds for this bull-in-a-china-shop of a show, and it’s an absolutely perfect playground…oh man, it’s like, so freakin’ perfect…
…but it’s only ours if we cough up the dough. It’ll take a total of $13,000 to make Atwater Village Theater our safehouse.

The Team:

Okay, here’s the deal. When it comes to talent–directors, designers, technicians, actors, stage managers, weapons specialists, everything down to the kid who mops up blood every night–we want the best. Obviously. Luckily, we’ve got access to the cream of the theatrical crop when it comes to staging a show. Let us introduce you to some of the team:

Andrew Pilmer – Director

Achilles Capone – Writer

Cat Sowa and Kate Harrow – Producers
In addition to the team above, we have some rockstar designers in our back pockets ready to make this show light up (literally)! Phil Powers (Lighting Design), Victoria Tam (Scenic Design), Marly Hall (Costume Design), Austin Quan (Sound Design), and Sheiva Khalily (Projections Design) are already hard at work on this massive production. We are also enlisting the talents of Micah Watterson and Andrew Staton to make sure all of our fights are choreographed safely as well as Katrina Swahney and her team of brilliant technicians to ensure that those fights are bloody as hell. We’ve got some kick ass props being secured by our amazing Prop Master/Assistant Stage Manager, Katie Fink, and a cast that could not possibly be more excited to be working on this epic of a play. Holding the whole organization together is our absolutely incredible Stage Manager, Christina Bryan.

Here at Great Minds, we’re lucky enough to have access to these talented helions who believe enough in the balls-to-the-wall awesomeness of Get. That. Snitch to work with us for a fraction of what their immense talents are worth. But they ain’t workin’ for free. The good ones never do. But we can secure their allegiance…for a price.

Scenic fabrication:

There’s an old saying that goes, “If you build the devil’s playground, you better make it awesome.” Actually, maybe that’s not a saying, maybe we just made that up. But that’s what we’re going to do. We’re not going to just “design a set” for Get. That. Snitch…

Oh hell no.

We’re going to build a veritable theme park of mayhem for these characters to crash, shoot, punch, wrestle and blow their way through.

Right now, it’s all in our heads. And it looks phenomenal in there. If we could build it out of shear imagination, you’d already be there, but we need lumber, steel, nails, paint, and a god damn rivet gun to build this funbox, and make it safe and functional.




One of the linch-pins of this operation is, well, linch-pins. And guns. And knives. And claws. And more guns. And hammers. And just like shit-loads of guns. Seriously, a gun gets cut in half by a three-pronged death blade in this show.

After a botched heist in Rio, we “lost connect” with our regular arms smuggler, and we’re gonna have go legit with the acquisition of these weapons and devious devices of wicked fun. And the blanks to go with them. That’ll take approximately $2,500.


Exploding windows, warehouse raids, gunshot wounds, hemorrhaging arteries, shattered tables, blasting walls, loose teeth, we need to make all this stuff happen without actually making this stuff happen, ya’dig?

That’s where our professional effects team comes in. We’ll need squibs, rigs, hook-ups, chords, cables, and all sorts of neat tricks to pull it off right. Get. That. Snitch is very much a magic show, and we’d hate for you to see the wires and catches because we skimped on our Effects fund. Pulling it off will take $2,200.


This is our number one priority. We’re taking every measure to make sure every inch of the incredible action and staging of Get. That. Snitch. is done right, which means we have to be doubly sure that the gunplay, knives, and all-out-melees are done safely. This isn’t one of those “stage-slap” shows where you see the guy swipe air and clap. Get out of town. We’re going WWE full contact with this baby. That means hiring the right stunt professionals and performers to ensure high standards of quality are met with even higher standards of safety.

And blood.

Lots of blood. Seriously, gallons of that gushy red life juice. We’re talking gallons of the stuff every performance. It’s gonna be everywhere.

The End: And it’s really just the beginning!

This all probably sounds insane. And it is. It’s completely impossible. But, at Great Minds, we’re not willing to settle for the standard. We start by raising the bar. We start at impossible. We’ve dreamed up all these wild ideas, put together an innovative plan, and found the resources to make it happen. To make the impossible real.

And we know it’s just crazy enough to work.

Why? Because we’ve already done it.

Get. That. Snitch. was staged in a workshop format at the University of Southern California in 2013 to sold out houses and rigorous applause.

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It worked. It worked really really well. We know we can make it even better, and push the limits of live theater even further.

But not without your help.

You are the biggest factor in making Get. That. Snitch. happen.

Your support is what makes the impossible possible.

And in return, we give you the best damn show you’ve ever seen. We promise.

Here’s to mayhem, madness, and fun.

Here’s to Get. That. Snitch.

Risks and Challenges

The largest risk in producing any play is not creating a world that adequately brings to life the world and characters of the script.

However, when you are producing the WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS PLAY you are instantly upping the ante. In order to give the audience this sense of danger we are brining in special effects often only seen on the big screen. We have some of the most talented young designers in the LA area along with a blood chilling cast who bring their A game into every fire fight. And to make the World’s Safest Production of the World’s Most Dangerous Play, everyone needs to be on their A game.

Without the proper chemistry and artistic collaboration in a project the world of the story falls short and our goal is not obtained.

Your contribution ensures that the fully envisioned world of our design team becomes a reality and that, really, is priceless.

Kickstarter Page:

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