October 3, 2015

New Trailer for Retribution of the Wolf

It’s no secret that the Western genre just might be my favourite kind of action these days so I’m excited about this new Indie Western Actioner from director Paul Wolverton.

Starring: Paul Wolverton, Coryn McBride, Kristi Wolverton, Cameron Bolles, Marc Kapetan, Brett Sakamoto, Jimmy Bunting, Larry Okumoto, Don Myers, Rickey Bird, Jason Sanders, Richard Imamura and Robert Bejil.

Check out the full press release and trailer: Retribution Of The Wolf, an action/western, is the brainchild of Paul Wolverton who wrote, directed, produced, edited, scored and acted in the feature.


ROTW combines elements of martial arts, “Eastwood” style gun play, and a unique storyline with a final twist leaving the audience re-evaluating the motivations of the lead character, Lloyd Wolf.

“ I wanted my western to be different than other films in the genre in regards to plot and stunt choreography, and I believe I achieved both goals ”, states Wolverton. He is producing this film with fellow actors Don Myers (General Curtes) and Kristi Wolverton (Emma) his wife of 28 years. According to Wolverton, “ Not only do I love what Don and Kristi did with their roles, but the project would just not have happened without their unending support.”

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After working on three films as an actor, stunt coordinator, and composer, Wolverton decided it was time to take the reigns himself. “ As soon as the story came together and I knew I had something unique, it almost wrote itself”, says Wolverton. Lloyd Wolf is hired by General Curtes to seek revenge on his former gang, The Pack, who beat and left Wolf for dead, and is stealing the gold the General is mining from Indian territory. However, what happens in the finale will leave the audience reeling.

Both Wolverton and his wife Kristi are internationally award winning wedding photojournalists so the visual element was extremely important to them. Wolverton states, “ We needed our film to be visually striking so we decided to persuade our friend and fellow still photographer Robert Bejil to take on the filming. He eventually became the DP.”

Wolverton, a judoist from the age of 5, decided his western would be judo heavy so he enlisted the help of fellow black belt Brett Sakamoto to be his co-stunt coordinator. “ I coordinated a scene in the Zombie movie Phase Two with Brett and a group of black belts later to be known as Team Judo Zombie,” says Wolverton. He goes on to state, “ Many of these guys have been my friends for years and many of them have substantial parts in ROTW.”

He also, has been able to utilize his original music composing skills in Retribution Of The Wolf. “ Kristi and I have a band called Married With Volume, and I have been writing music since I was about 13. The score has been crucial for setting the tone of the film”, states Wolverton.

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Wolverton admits he was a huge Clint Eastwood fan stating, “ I used to slow down Sergio Leone’s films so I could tell what Eastwood was doing, and then I’d practice and practice until I could do each move. I broke a knuckle doing that, but it looked so cool in the film.” Guns are not the only weapons Lloyd Wolf uses to seek his revenge. He wields a hammer spinning it around his finger, two samurai swords at the same time, and is proficient with a bow. “ I was able to work each element into the plot so I went with it, and I’m thankful I did”, says Wolverton.

He decided to go for an old school feel with special effects keeping the CGI to a bare minimum. He says, “ It cracks me up when somebody will ask me what program I used for an effect that was created on set.”

The trailer for ROTW was entered in the 2013 International Action On Film Festival and won runner up honors in both Best Western and Best Costumes categories. Also starring in Retribution Of The Wolf are Coryn McBride, Cameron Bolles, Darrell Lewis, Brett Sakamoto, Larry Okumoto, Lonnie Pelley, Marc Kapetan, Jack Daniels, and Jimmy Bunting. ROTW is set for a mid-October release date with premiere, festival and screening dates to be announced.

Retribution of the Wolf TrailerCheck out the new RETRIBUTION OF THE WOLF TRAILER!! Hit the HD button.This is the first time the public has scene footage taken directly from the finished product. Please share with your friends and let them know we’ll be showing ROTW to the public around the first of the year. Thanks to all of you who did such a great job working on the film and to all of your family and friends who have stood by us and continue to support the cause! Stay tuned!

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