February 16, 2016

*Updated* Cannon Films Are Back!


Action fans, rejoice! the masters of 80’s/90’s action classics have returned and you can read all about it below (taken from the Official Cannon site):


Back in the 1980’s, The Cannon Group Inc., was one of the World’s biggest independent motion picture studios, obtaining various film institutions such as Thorn EMI Cinemas, Elstree Studios and the Pathe Film Library, before it was folded into MGM Studios in the mid-1990’s. The studio, under the leadership of Israeli movie producer Menahem Golan, enjoyed productive relationships with movie stars such as Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, Richard Chamberlain, Franco Nero & Sylvester Stallone.

The company also attracted visionary filmmakers such as John Cassavetes, Barbet Schroeder and Andrei Konchalovsky and created some of the most distinctive films ever made. Relationships such as these, coupled with projects with broad-based commercial appeal, resulted in the production of some of the best remembered movies of the 1980’s including the number 1 box office films, Invasion U.S.A and Death Wish 3.


Cannon Films Ltd was founded in 2014 by Richard Albiston, after spending years under the guidance of the Cannon Group Inc.’s former CEO and Chairman, Menahem Golan.

Today, the company is proud to enforce the ideals of Menahem Golan, putting the artist first and enabling them to have the freedom to create their vision, their way; a unique approach that is not found anywhere else in the industry today.

Cannon Films Ltd has developed successful working relationships worldwide with companies operating in over fifteen countries. Together their mission is to produce new and original motion pictures for a 21st century audience.

A new slate of movies is on the horizon including America Ninja Apprentice, Return of The Delta Force, U.S. Sniper and more…



A little update; check out the official press release from Cannon below which clarifies the full story.

In late 2014, Cannon Films Ltd was established by Richard Albiston. The aim of this new venture was to continue film-making in the tradition set forward by Israeli Mogul Menahem Golan, after Mr Albiston had worked under his tutelage since the inception of their first collaboration, the screenplay for Allan Quatermain & the Jewel of the East. The company is in no way a resurrection of Mr Golan’s previous company, The Cannon Group inc, or any other institution, as it has been incorrectly reported. In naming the new enterprise Cannon Films Ltd, the hope was to allude to the spirit of Menahem Golan and the ideals that he lived and worked by; believing in the artist, creating work with passion in an industry controlled by corporate entities and giving the audience a fresh and new experience with certain works that were close to Mr Golan’s mind and heart. The projects announced previously, and continue to be announced, by us are new, fresh and original projects that have in some instances been misconstrued as ‘sequels’ to properties produced by The Cannon Group inc. The majority of properties produced by The Cannon Group inc are owned and incorporated into the property library of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. The films we are producing currently, and plan to produce in the future, are new and original motion pictures with no connection to The Cannon Group properties or any other copyrighted material currently under the control of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. Our projects, from Zombi: They Live! to American Ninja Apprentice are our attempt to appeal to fans, not only of the former companies of Menahem Golan, but to the wider ‘genre appreciating’ audience. Our films are vastly diverse in their content and approach, with the majority being original in house developments, whereas others including Zombi: They Live!, Return of the Delta Force and Allan Quatermain & the Jewel of the East being collaborations with Menahem Golan, that we hope will bring new attention to this one of a kind filmmaker and his life’s work. Other projects, such as American Ninja Apprentice are a fresh and original look at an established genre and bringing it to a 21st century audience. None of these projects should be in any way advertised in 3rd party printings as sequels, remakes etc. to copyrighted materials not owned or controlled by Cannon Films Ltd.

Press Release 1802

Source: Cannon


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