April 8, 2016

Celebrating 10 Years of Casino Royale

In the history of the film industry there are certain movies and characters that are destined to become iconic. The tastes of the public are constantly changing so stories need to adapt to the times to remain relevant.

The middle of the 20th century marked a new period in human history. World wars stopped, and new commercialized markets began to grow. People were looking for a new hero and this is something we still crave today. Back in 1953, Ian Fleming created one. British Secret Agent James Bond is an exemplary hero for 20th and 21st century generations. He is equally loved by people of different countries, different religions and different age groups.


Who is he, this famous (yet mysterious) character that makes millions follow his lifestyle and admire features of his character? Bond, James Bond. Brave, intelligent, ruthless and self-confident. He is an ideal man – the man of action.

Casino Royale, a book by the English author, was the first one in the series of adventures of agent 007 but was, not the first to become a movie. Casino Royale would become the origin story for Bond; after Die Another Day failed to excite both audiences and critics alike we were looking for a different Bond, a Bond we could believe exists in the real world. Gone were the gadgets, Q and the light sense of humour. This was a grittier Bond for a darker time.

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Casino Royale which immediately became a fan favourite among film audiences. It would be the first of four movies (so far) that would star Daniel Craig as the sly spy who has grown to become one of the most popular in the franchise’s history.

What was it that captured the attention of audiences around the world? First of all, Casino Royale has an exciting plot. It oozes tension during the poker scenes but also captures the glamour and risk in the world of gaming. It is a well know fact that many go crazy about taking their chance to win online. If you enjoy it too, here is best online casino list.

Secondly, this is James Bond as we have never seen him before; he is vulnerable and even falls in love. In this story he still has a successful career and is all about serving his country to the best of his ability. Director Martin Campbell reinvigorated the series with Goldeneye in the 90’s and would do the same with Casino Royale. Breathtaking action scenes, little to no CGI  and practical stunts galore would provide us with a new Bond who was more physical than ever before.

We also were given one of the more interesting and realistic villains in the form of LeChifre (Mads Mikkelsen) who wasn’t out to take over world, but to save his own skin after a deal goes awry.

The movie wasn’t out until November 2006 so we are cheating a bit but this is just a tip of the hat to one of my personal favourite Bond movies.

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