April 30, 2016

H.A.L.O. Jump Scene from Godzilla (2014)

Like many of you I found the 2014 Godzilla film to be a bit of a disappointment; I just wanted more of Godzilla and Bryan Cranston but instead we got Aaron Taylor Johnson being bland and forgettable.

The film builds up the tension slowly but effectively and isn’t terrible by any means but it’s interesting just how divisive it remains.

Despite its flaws Godzilla did have was some spectacular visuals and the one scene which always stood out was the H.A.L.O. jump when the military have to parachute into the city during the climactic battle between Godzilla and MUTO.


The visuals coupled with the eerie music (Gyorgy Ligeti’s Requiem) make this a bit of a classic scene as it captures the creepiness and fear of these men parachuting essentially into Hell. Thus the music…


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Eoin Friel
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