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April 27, 2016

The 10 Best Tony Scott Films

A while back we ran a poll so you all could vote for your favourite Tony Scott films; well we’ve put together all the votes and today we have ourselves the 10 best Tony Scott films as voted for by you.

There were some interesting choices and a few of the results I found surprising and would maybe juggle a few around, but overall I’m pleased with this top ten.

Thanks to all who took part.


10. Unstoppable

I was surprised this didn’t get many votes as I thought this was one of Tony Scott’s better more recent efforts; Denzel and Chris Pine are unstoppable heroes on a train that is also unstoppable.. until they stop it at the end. Who knew? It has Scott’s more kinetic energy (which he employed in latter years) in the camera work and action scenes but it works to the film’s advantage keeping it taut and exciting.


9. Déjà Vu

I have to admit I’ve only watched this movie once but I remember it being very entertaining and the cast that includes Denzel Washington and Val Kilmer all give great performances. The plot was quite crazy but well executed and Jim Caviezel is an entertaining villain too.

UNDATED PUBLICITY PHOTOGRAPH - Actor Will Smith (L) portrays attorney Robert Clayton Dean, a man at the center of a high-stakes pursuit when he inadvertantly possess secret information concerning corruprt government officials in a scene from the action drama film with Gene Hackman, who portrays a mysterious information broker. "Enemy of the State" opens in the United States November 20. FSP - RTRJLUV

8. Enemy of the State

I remember watching this one a few times in the theatre when it first came out; it’s one of Will Smith’s best films and is quite different as his character isn’t exactly a hero. He’s cheated on his wife and when he literally bumps into someone carrying evidence of a politically motivated crime. Trevor Rabin is on scoring duties this time and it’s one of his finest hours.


7. The Fan

This didn’t make a big splash when it first came out but it appears to have developed a cult following with Wesley Snipes and Robert De Niro both on fine form as a baseball player and slightly obsessed fan respectively. It’s tense, well acted and has Hans Zimmer providing an amazing score which has hints of sadness and impending doom all rolled into one.


6. Top Gun

I’m surprised this didn’t get more votes as Top Gun is another classic with amazing 80’s music; it does have the cringe-worthy singing scene though which I admittedly fast-forward every time. Tom Cruise as Maverick is one of his most iconic roles and he’s such a smug bastard that you’re basically on Val Kilmer’s side.


5. Crimson Tide

I would personally have this at number 3 as it’s an exercise in tension with an amazing cast and one of Hans Zimmer’s best ever scores. Gene Hackman gives one of his best performances and Denzel is every bit his equal. You spend the movie debating who is right and how you would react in such a situation which is why it will always be a timeless classic.


4. Beverly Hills Cop 2

We all love the Beverly Hills Cop movies; they put Eddie Murphy on the A-list and this second entry is every bit as entertaining as the first. We also get Brigitte Nielsen as a villain which is always worth a watch. I bet you have the theme tune going through your head right now, don’t you? You’re welcome.


3. Man on Fire

Personally Crimson Tide should be here as I always found Man on Fire to be quite slow to get going, but there’s no doubt that the action is slick and Denzel has rarely been more badass. Characters get room to breathe and it’s not just action for the sake of it; it’s also got the bonus of a great supporting cast.

true romance

2. True Romance

With a script from some guy called Quentin Tarantino and and all-star cast that includes Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper, Tom Sizemore and many more; True Romance was not only a nice nod to the 1973 classic Badlands but stood tall in its own right with Hard R violence and characters with questionable morals. Christian Slater was at the peak of his powers and the scene in the theatre where they are watching The Street Fighter movies is pure gold.


1. The Last Boy Scout

I’m so glad this was number 1 as it’s totally my favourite Scott film; the script from Shane Black, the dark humour and Bruce Willis’ coolest character to date just make this a bit of a classic. It’s funny because at the time of its release The Last Boy Scout wasn’t a huge box office smash and critics generally weren’t fans either. Time has proven them all wrong though and this is now a cult classic with genre fans.


It’s a shame we will never see another Tony Scott film as he was one of the greats who was never afraid to try something a little different.


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