May 31, 2016

‘My Mule Don’t Like People Laughing’

Today marks the legendary Clint Eastwood’s 86th birthday; a true titan of the genre, his roles in the Dirty Harry movies and the Dollars Trilogy make him tower against most action stars.

The Man With No Name has become an iconic figure for the Western genre and this scene alone is so unbelievably badass that it’s up there with “Do you feel lucky, punk?” in terms of quotability.

“My Mule Don’t Like People Laughing, Because he gets the crazy idea people are laughing at him. Now if you were to apologize like I know your going too,maybe I can convince him you really didn’t mean it …..”



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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
I grew up watching JCVD, Sly and Arnold destroy bad guys, blow things up and spew one-liners like it's a fashion statement. Action is everything I go to the movies for and the reason I came up with this site is to share my love for the genre with everyone. We also want to help promote new talent whether you're making blockbusters, low-budget Indie movies or fan films; if it's action, it's awesome.



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