August 18, 2016

American Assassin Nabs Taylor Kitsch To Play Villain

CBS Films and Lionsgate are ready and waiting for next month to kick off the production of the new espionage action thriller, American Assassin. For this, we look to the latest report from THR of actor Taylor Kitsch’s addition to the current cast, joining him with Maze Runner trilogy star Dylan O’Brien and actor Michael Keaton.

The film is based on the 2010 title novel from author Vince Flynn – the origin story among the 14-book series from which screenwriter Stephen Schiff wrote the script. O’Brien will play Rapp, an Arab linguistics student who, following the death of his fiancé, takes to task for a series of covert operations for the CIA under the reluctant supervision of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley (Keaton) in the wake of a series of civilian and military attacks.

Kitsch will take on the role of the villain who aspires to start World War III from the Middle East.

Producing are Di Bonaventura Pictures and Nick Wechsler Productions with filming locations stamped for London and Budapest. CBS Films and Lionsgate are co-financing the film with the former handling production and marketing, and the latter distributing.

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