September 25, 2016

Exclusive New Details on Daniel Zirilli’s Latest Actioner Starring Marko Zaror

Director Daniel Zirilli is currently working on a new movie project with action star Mark Zaror; The Action Elite can exclusively reveal that the movie’s title will be AFFINITY (which apparently has a double meaning in the film).

It’s described as a mixture of THE PROFESSIONAL meets TAKEN (with a twist).

It has plenty of kick ass action, but will also have an arthouse Festival vibe with Zirilli given total creative control from the distributor but most importantly there is a great story.




Synopsis: Bruno Leone, a former Navy SEAL, has his new solitary life in Southeast Asia interrupted when a mysterious girl washes ashore. Athena, reluctant to share the details of her past, develops a relationship of hope with Bruno. Their world is sent crashing down when Athena is taken captive (on a remote Island in the Andaman sea) by Dr. Vitor Strozzi, Commander Krieger, and a team of elite commandos. Determined to get Athena back, Bruno wages a one man war to rescue her and uncover a shocking truth about Athena that will shake him to his core.

Daniel Zirilli has been busy with three films already released in 2016; The Asian Connection with Steven Seagal, Time Rush and the rather excellent Crossing Point.

This collaboration with Marko Zaror is his English language debut as a leading man in a feature film (until now he was either playing the bad guy or was starring in foreign language films).

The cast so far includes Marko Zaror (Redeemer, Mandrill, and From Dust Till Dawn TV series) and Peter Stormare. It will have an “epic” featured fight between Zaror and Charlie Ruedpokanon (The Man With the Iron Fists) with cameos by Byron Gibson (from Ryan Gosling’s Only God Forgives) and Dean Alexandrou (Time Rush).



Daniel Zirilli at the world theatrical premiere of the Asian Connection as the Thailand Destination Film Festival.

Interesting tidbit: Hard Target 2 helmer ROEL REINE took the photo! 

Casting is still underway and they are currently still looking for ATHENA (18-25) described as the perfect beauty.

Commander Krieger, 30-45- which will be tough as the actor needs to be a plausible Foe of Zaror in Martial Arts.. who is Six foot 2!




PRODUCTION COMPANY: ZIRILLI’S POPART FILM FACTORY (established in 1990 and produced hundreds of music videos, documentaries and films)

AFFINITY will be shooting in Thailand, most likely Nov/Dec but they are also still adding Cast members with the full schedule released soon.

ALREADY CAST:  Marko Zaror (Bruno Leone), Peter Stormare (Dr. Strozzi)

OPEN ROLES: [DEAN FITCH]10 Scenes: 30-45 years old, American Ex Navy Seal, now living in Bangkok, Thailand. Semi-retired, but still in great physical shape. 10 years prior he was part of a mission that went bad, and is trying to reconnect with his old squad leader- Bruno Leone (The lead cast- actor Marko Zaror). They eventually re-unite and get into some badass gun battles and fights with a shady organization that has captured Leone’s new girlfriend (Athena).

[ATHENA]20 scenes: 18-25 years old, Mysterious unique beauty that expresses innocence and vulnerability. Athena hides a secret and needs to build a big lie around it. She just wants to have a normal life. Must be one of the most beautiful girls in the world, as her beauty is part of the plot.

[COMMANDER KRIEGER]12 scenes: 30-45 years old, The leader of a secret Security Force in Thailand, and a trained killer. He is deadly accurate with all weapons, and prefers to do his dirty work as fast as possible. Literally needs to be one of the top martial artists in the world to be a worthy foe of lead (Marko Zaror). Must be 6 feet tall or greater. Action link or reel required for submission.

[ELIAS KLEIN]9 scenes: 50-75 years old, A classic American or English man. Wise and reasonable. He is the mentor of our hero and the owner of the dive shop where our lead role works. A Father figure.


Legendary actor Peter Stormare with director Daniel Zirilli and Marko Zaror

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