October 6, 2016

Poll: Choose Your Apocalypse

People have always loved movies about the end of the world and especially over the past few years we have seen countless versions of Dystopian futures.

Let’s face it though, there is something very attractive about being one of the last few remaining survivors on the planet because humans as a species suck.

Say one of the following were to happen no matter how unlikely, which would you choose?




First of all the Terminator movies paint a bleak future for mankind with the rise of the machines; our over reliance on technology has never been more relevant than it is now so it’s only a matter of time before Instagram kills us all. The future at least does have one saviour: John Connor (just ignore Genysis) who somehow takes down the machines and restores peace to the planet. So we do at least know that mankind as a species would survive the rise and fall of Skynet.

In the world of The Matrix movies once again the machines have taken over and there is another lone saviour, this time called Neo (Keanu Reeves) who can unplug us from this world controlled by the machines. The problem is that Earth is such a horrible mess now that you’re better off just living in The Matrix and pretending everything is okay.

The Hunger Games movies are particularly joyless and I can’t think how anyone would want to live through having to look at Jennifer Lawrence not smiling all time while shouting “PEETA!” a lot. On the plus side if you can scrape together a lot of money you can live in The Capital and have anything you could want; local youngsters might even put on a show for you. Sounds awesome…

The Zombie Apocalypse is arguably the most popular choice especially with the success of The Walking Dead but also the George Romero “of the Dead” movies which essentially created the genre. What I find with The Walking Dead especially is that the zombies tend to be the least of the survivor’s problems; it’s always humans who are the biggest assholes but at least you’ve got weapons like Daryl’s crossbow, Rick’s beard and plenty of guns to keep going.

The Book of Eli paints a pretty bleak future where you are forced to hunt remaining creatures like (hairless) cats with a bow and arrow then walk across the country just to get a book delivered. Don’t Amazon have drones for that? Pass.

Waterworld doesn’t sound so bad; at least you have plenty of water even if you do have to drink your own filtered piss. Yeah, that doesn’t sound that great either now that I think about it.

For me though I’d choose the future of Mad Max; driving fast in rad looking cars? Killing people without consequences and joining Lord Humongous or even Immortan Joe? “Return my treasures to me and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla.” Sure, he seems nice. I’m in.

So mortals, what fate do you choose?

Which Apocalypse is Most Appealing?

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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
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