October 24, 2016

Reach for new heights with Trung Ly and Truong Ngoc Anh! Janice Hung creates to inspire! Amy Johnston drops a new Acting reel!

Breaking news! The trailer for the latest Truong Ngoc Anh Film produced by her TNA company and CJ Entertainment ‘Saigon Bodyguards’ has dropped online!

Follow the link below to watch!

The film comes out in Vietnam 12-16-2016 check out the IMDB page:

Action comedy ‘Saigon Bodyguards’ follows the intense and hilarious journey of two professional bodyguards tasked with their most important assignment ever.  >

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Greetings valued readers of The Action Elite, Danny Templegod, showcasing trailblazing female talent worldwide. Today we have a cool new photo from Maria Tran, who is all about working on her own skill after teaching and shall we say re-educating others on their own skill set, Maria is a tireless worker in the realm of the underprivileged youth of her home town and has her ear to the ground about the pulse of women worldwide.


Trung Ly is set to collaborate again with the amazing Truong Ngoc Anh. ‘Truy Sat’ (Tracer) is truly a crowning achievement in film. The thing is, the three of them, are like a full force movie whirlwind of talent and creativity. Recently Truong opened up a UFC Gym recently with Chuck Liddell and of course was not afraid to get very down and very rough! Although it is in Vietnamese, the photos are shall we say very cool!


Above is a sample photo, and the source link is below!

If you have yet to see the trailer for ‘Truy Sat’ what are you waiting for, crush your browsers over to


On the cool side, to close out this little action foray, comes Janice Hung, who has generously provided mountains of exclusives to Dan’s Movie Report. Just today she has released a killer new video of Tai Chi (Taiji) in Chinese!

Here’s some of her Taiji moves.

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Check out my review of her fan film of Psylocke with exclusive photos!

amyharleyquinn032theactionelitewm Although the contest may be over this is one bad ass pic!

Finally, the amazing Amy Johnston, has unleashed a kick ass, massively crushing acting Demo! Amy has been on my radar for several years and, trust me everyone, hell shall be unleashed soon with ‘Female Fight Club’, ‘The Gate’ and ‘Lady Bloodfight’ Blast your browsers to

stephcontesteoinwm stephdanhellomiami

Stay strong and Savage! Support the amazing ladies in action! Coming soon on this site and Dan’s Movie Report, the ‘USE ME’ ‘Ladies of Assassin X’ Contest! As a tease here is the photo of lead actress Stephanie Gerard and I. and the autographed photo that will rain down from the sky, along with a Nina Bergman autographed ‘USE ME’ CD! HAHA! Go hard! Incidentally, rest easy, Juju is back in HK filming, so my L.A. People are safe FOR NOW! 


Oh congrats to my long time friend Tamiko; I saw her IMDB page, get ready kids ‘Iron Fist’ is coming and of course Tamiko is doubling the lead character!

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