October 29, 2016

Why The Soska Twins Need To Direct the Deadpool Sequel, The Long Term View

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In an excellent article on Dread Central SpookyDan Walker put into words my sentiments exactly.

That said, I have these small thoughts to add in. The long term ramifications of hiring the Soska Twins could represent a major shift in Hollywood Producers. I am so ready to see a change in the stuffy suit wearing traditional producer, I mean of course if that stuffy suit is filled with a guy who gets the action not an issue. The main underlying problem here is that, when movies are made, the people that make them have one vision, yet the people that finance them have another one. Please let the Soska Twins make millions so they can be in charge of the financial aspect also. They respect the fans, the genre, and since there are two of them, a built in 2nd unit director if need be on major projects. A no-brainer. I use the amazing example of Vietnam’s Truong Ngoc Anh as her film ‘Truy Sat’ she is respectful and trusts her team, and made a great film, she is not the director but the Executive Producer! Time to shake the norm up! The buzz is building! This is a long term vision, come on now, as Picard would say MAKE IT SO!

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