November 23, 2016

Star Trek: Discovery Signs Michelle Yeoh!

Image Credit: Coming Soon, also posted to Michelle’s official Facebook Page

Not breaking my not sharing news protocol, I will just link the official story as posted on Coming Soon, they have the scoop and deserve the credit!

The reason why this is so important for action fans: Michelle Yeoh has spent a lifetime in action film of course, remembering ‘Yes madam’ and ‘Heroic Trio’, but it represents something so important to the culturally diverse landscape of U.S. network TV. 2017 will mark the year that the Chinese Box Office will over take the U.S. Box office in total ticket sales! That said if the news holds true, that she is actually the series lead, it will be a milestone in television. The cool thing is Star Trek has ALWAYS been ground breaking.

This past year, in July I had the unique, perhaps once in a lifetime, opportunity to meet William Shatner at Florida Supercon, to thank him for a lifetime of creativity and for being his own person. The cool thing, yeah he was nice, and at 85 I wish I had his verve for life. Over the years I have met several of the various cast members, including Nana Visitor from ‘DS9’, see photo below. The cool thing about chatting with them, they all know they are part of history, and relish it!


The cool thing is now, Michelle Yeoh will be at conventions, and out of the shadows and into the light! Yep she will be on tour, because the conventions pay a price for headlining guests! Michelle, Florida is wonderful, warm, same climate as Malaysia, no cold nights, shameless plug! Seriously though, if she goes to a convention, open your heart, and wallet for her, as Michelle has many noble global causes she supports!

Back to the matters at hand, I hope this represents an important step forward in U.S. Network Television, yes we have ‘Fresh off The Boat’ and other culturally diverse television, yet why not have an Asian Female as a lead character in an action, drama or Sci-Fi show.? With ABC’s Quantico proving that the incredibly gifted Indian actress Priyanka Chopra can carry a network show, it is about time that the other networks follow suit. Of course the mighty Ming-Na Wen is killing it as Agent May in ‘Agents of Shield’ as well, again kudos to ABC!

Michelle Yeoh ‘s last major film, ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny’ was a modest box office success in China at 30 million, but for Netflix a watershed moment as they own the U.S. Rights. Netflix has announced also that they will stream 24 hours after they air, ALL of the new ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ series, one can hope and pray that China will allow streaming rights as well. If this happens the 85 million Netflix customer base will probably increase to 100mil in a matter of weeks.

A final reason why this is important, this will allow newer Asian talent brewing in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and various other places the chance to dream big, as a humble lady named Michelle Yeoh from Malaysia makes it HUGE!

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