November 22, 2016

Support Crowdfunding For Susan Doran’s Surgery And Help Keep Her Family Together


It was early morning on Friday last week when I spotted a Facebook post from a friend of mine, an actress and stuntwoman named Bridger Fox Doran who mentioned she was going to be away from social media to tend to a family emergency. Needless to say, that emergency became much more known as the days passed with various sources reporting of a crash that resulted with extinuating injuries suffered by her mother and father and law on Thursday following a car-to-car shooting in San Leandro, California.

As NBC Bay Area reported last week to date, victims Paul and Susan Doran had to be pulled out of their Toyota Prius with the jaws of life. Paul’s life now hangs in the balance as of Thursday when his heart stopped beating, along with multiple internal upper-body injuries. He’s in a medically induced coma while Susan awaits surgeries for several broken bones that torn ligaments and other injuries affecting her arm, leg, rib and spine.

As such, Bridger and wife Kaitlin will be covering 100% of Paul’s medical costs while a new crowdfunding effort is underway over at You Caring, courtesy of Bridger who took to NBC Bay Area to tell her story. Susan’s insurer, Kaiser recently informed the Dorans’ they wouldn’t be able to pay for her surgery if they didn’t move her to one of their own facilities instead of staying at Highland Hospital, essentially seperating her from her husband.

The comapny has since reportedly hinted at not doing so, but that doesn’t change the fact that her medical bills will be beyond what the remaining family can afford at this point. You can read more in full detail about this situation at the family’s You Caring page where you can also donate. If not, copy and paste the link anywhere visible to friends and family or anyone willing to help this family in their time of need.

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