December 19, 2016

Action Actress CongCong Han Spotlight

As always, The Action Elite strives to bring new action talent from all over the world to the forefront. Today the focus shifts East to China! Action actress and Wushu artist CongCong Han will be soon known worldwide because one of the stars in the 2018 100 million dollar epic Asura. CongCong stars as one of the rebels, check out the lead photo of her in character. Check out these other cool photos as well below:

CongCong Han has a three videos that she has graciously allowed me to upload to my YouTube channel that display her ability, knowledge of Wushu, and constant learning in action.

Action Demo:



Follow Ms Han on Instagram @

Watch for more exclusives from CongCong Han in 2017, including an interview! Keep action alive, and make sure to check out for exclusive interviews and movie reviews.

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Dan Templegod
Dan Templegod
I have written for more than a half dozen movie and music magazines. Zazz, Jam, The Wild Rag, Revelations, Sirens Of Cinema, Tampa Bay Spike, and Vengeance. All have ceased to exist, welcome to the age of the internet!! I currently write for Dan's Movie Report



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