December 31, 2016

Andy Long Demo has dropped! Happy New Year!

I had this really long news post but then I watched this! Holy crap! THIS IS AMAZING! Blew my damn mind! Credit to the amazing power and raw intensity!

Year End Action News!

Have promised many people articles that said I will take a step back for a bit to be with family. Child Actress Chalet Lizette Brannan, an inspirational cancer survivor and supporting star in Widescreen Film & Music Festival nominated films The Gate and Occupants has received herself an award nomination @ BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Feature Film.

From the Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema for her role in Occupants!


Hailing from Orlando, Chalet has been an inspiration to everyone she meets even at a young age. Follow her on social media, she will hand out an award at The Widescreen Film & Video Music Festival. Incidentally the yacht award show is virtually sold out, with Juju Chan, Carmen Cabana DP of Narcos Season 2,  and of course Chalet to be in attendance, go to the website for details to snap up the final tickets before they are all gone!


Coolness will happen when Chalet becomes the youngest lead ever in a full feature horror called Crepitus!

Check out this bad ass poster! Follow her social media to keep up with all of her projects!



Anderson Silva has wrapped on Made in Kowloon, that said the mighty Juju Chan is on deck and fighting hard now for her portion of the filming, Check the final wrap video with Anderson Silva! HAHA AMAZING!



Happy new year all!

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